Washington extends Iraq’s exemption from Iran’s sanctions 45 days

Washington extends Iraq’s exemption from Iran’s sanctions 45 days

2/12/2020 7:33 PM

Washington extends Iraqs exemption from Irans sanctions 45 days{International: Al Furat News} The United States decided to extend Iraq’s exemption from sanctions related to importing gas and electricity from Iran for a period of 45 days, an Iraqi official told the French press.
Washington imposed strict sanctions on the Iranian energy sector in 2018, and threatened to punish countries dealing with Tehran in this field, but it granted Iraq a series of consecutive temporary exemptions, which started with 45 days, then expanded to ninety and 120 days. Iraq relies on neighboring Iran to supply about a third of its electricity.

“The extension, this time, will be for 45 days, and will be applied under strict conditions,” said the Iraqi official, who preferred not to be identified.

Baghdad and Washington are currently in talks about what these terms are.

The United States often calls on Iraq to stay away from Iran, by cooperating with US companies to import gas needed to run power plants and improve capacity to deliver energy to homes.

Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with the group “General Electric” last year, while holding talks with other energy companies, but no contracts have been signed yet.