Views on ways to absorb the large money supply

Views on ways to absorb the large money supply


Iraqi DinarThe views of specialists in the affairs of finance and economy on absorb the large money supply, as these found that the process of deletion of zeros is currently viable, while others called for the issuance of Banknotes large categories.

The prime minister for economic affairs adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh Iraq need to print cash categories of 50 000 dinars and 100 thousand dinars, in order to accommodate the large money supply, which covers market.

Saleh explained that large categories account for 90% of the traded currency, pointing to the existence of a cash amount less than 40 trillion dinars are being traded in the market, and that a large cash categories will reduce the quantity to four billion coins, noting that the issuance will not lead to increase the rate of inflation.

The economic expert Hilal Taan sees the difficulty of resorting to delete the zeros of the Iraqi paper currency back to economic, political and security situation in Iraq, but at the same time Aaaad issuing large cash categories because it will lead to an increase in inflation.

But economic analyst Bassem Jamil Antoine believes that the issuance of large cash categories will help facilitate the work of banks and portability, especially since the Iraqi citizens prefer to deal in cash to a lack of confidence in banks or dealing cards.

He stressed that the issue of large cash categories are part of the restructuring of the money as long as the government is unable at this time to delete the zeros of the Iraqi paper currency in circulation due to the instability of the economic and political situation.