View .. Why Obama takes off his ring while shaking hands with the fans?

View .. Why Obama takes off his ring while shaking hands with the fans?

Date:October 13, 2016

View - Why Obama takes off his ring while shaking hands with the fansSpotted the cameras more than once US President Barack Obama is putting off the ring of his marriage while shaking hands with fans , whether in America or abroad.

It appears that the ring “precious” morally and materially Obama has makes him fear that extending the hand of a thief in a moment of harmony between the people of the President.

The Tuesday rally number of Americans in a crowd lined up in Jerizboro, North Carolina airport in anticipation of the presidential plane after Obama spent most of his day in the electoral activities supportive of democracy Hillary Clinton.

when Obama closer to their fans to take off his ring and put it in his pocket, even though the US president is surrounded by his bodyguards who follow every arcane detail, but it does not leave any chance of possibilities.

in late May, when the US president to visit Hanoi , capital of Vietnam, wants to eat a popular dish popular there are said to have cost him no more than $ 6, and after meals Obama came out to respond to greet the masses It flowed to welcome him and shake his hand, and Badelha President Obama greeting and insisted on shaking hands with the crowd, but that did not prevent the president of the most powerful country in the world from the reserve and caution, stripped off his marriage to his finger ring and stash in a pocket for fear of Nechle by Almsafhan.

and “ring” itself was controversial large in the US presidential election in 2008 when it traded as US media image of the ring engraved ” There is no god but God” in Arabic, but the fact that his wife , Michelle Robinson had presented him with him and placed him in his finger on the occasion of their wedding in 1992.

the American scholar, professor of political science at the University of Harvard, Jerome Corsi, has previously said that President Barack Obama wearing a gold ring made in Indonesia before marriage, inscribed with the words ” There is no god but Allah.”

he explained , “Corsi” he discovered through conducted a search on the President, through the forms of personal since 1980, and published by the network “WND” news of America.

the researcher added that “Obama” has caused a loss of his colleagues since he was a student at Harvard Law School, for wearing a gold ring, in a finger marriage, before his marriage , “Michelle”, but he wore the ring himself at the wedding in 1992. ceremony

, according to experts , the Arabic language, hired by the “accuracy”, the written words on the “Obama” ring worn 30 years ago, says ” there is no god but Allah.”

he said , “Corsi” he hired the American thinker out Egyptian marc Gabriel, who assured him that the existence of that sentence on the “Obama” ring refers to the importance and role of the Islamic religion in his life, or at least accept this religion.

the pictures showed, which was adopted by the researcher, “Obama” wearing a ring the same Golden during his visit to University “Ooudital” in 1981, and while attending a graduation ceremony at the University of “Columbia” in 1983, in a visit to Africa in 1988, and during his time at Harvard University from 1988 to 1991.

He said that “Obama” admitted in a debate in 2008 for his love Islamic religion when he said: ” the call to prayer or software of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”