Victory Coalition confirms the siege of Abadi’s house in the Green Zone of armed forces in military uniform

Victory Coalition confirms the siege of Abadi’s house in the Green Zone of armed forces in military uniform

2019/11/2 12:01

Victory Coalition confirms the siege of Abadis house in the Green Zone of armed forces in military uniform[Baghdad-Where]
A member of the victory coalition, Ali al-Sunaid, Saturday, the military force, imposed a “siege and a total cordon” on the home of former Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, inside the Green Zone.

Al-Sunaid said in a statement on Saturday: “Between the confirmation and denial and a brave national position and a void of the projective, some began to speak with care and an authentic Iraqi spirit stemming from the morals of the sons of the country spare, and some mocked and talked about what is inside of the hatred and hatred and exposed before God and his people and became In the status of the weak who do not have a position with themselves before they have a position with their country. ”

“My brothers that your son Dr. Abadi, who was not only with Iraq and the service of the people of Iraq and his concern and concern and concern that Iraq is safe and peaceful, which struck the finest images of moderation and the correct constructive approach where he did not have a problem with people, but it was and still will remain His case with the way the state is run by all its institutions and his emphasis on the citizen in the south, center and north and our people in the liberated areas and the displaced who are looking for their dignity, as well as the state and its prestige and our heroic security forces of all kinds, he stressed the need to remain a high symbol to boast of all Iraqis. ”

He also stressed the sovereignty of the country and the preservation of wealth. Media, where he was and still with the military professional Sharif, young enthusiastic spontaneous innocent and free media sincere and courageous .. Talk in detail long.

He pointed out that “a military force carrying weapons and military uniforms and within the Green Zone, is imposing a total cordon on the house of Dr. Abadi and besieged.”

“Now I am Ali al-Sunaid, a member of the Victory Coalition, which I am talking with you directly about the incident, which confirmed the news above.”

He said, “My question is how a military force with weapons and uniforms enters the Green Zone, which is supposed to be the most security measure, yet one goes out and declares and denies it represents a security force that maintains the security of the citizen, not the official.” The news has been denied, is this how you supply camels?

“ Iraq will remain, we will remain with the demonstrators and we will remain with our heroic security forces and their honorable leaders, and according to those who have agreed to be a humiliating slave, we will not change our position and we are with our people and their demands, and those who compliment or compromise will fall at the expense of the martyrs’ blood and the legitimate demands of the people.