Vice confirms that Washington is nearly $ 20 billion stolen from Iraq in time Bremer

Vice confirms that Washington is nearly $ 20 billion stolen from Iraq in time Bremer

05/07/2015 12:46 GMT

Vice confirms that Washington is nearly 20 billion stolen from Iraq in time BremerFollow-up – and babysit – MP for the National Alliance Adnan al-Janabi, Thursday, need to form a body in conjunction with the Committee for the recovery of the country’s funds, who fled abroad because of corrupt deals, noting that the US government was stolen in the time of Paul Bremer, from 17 to 20 billion dollars of Iraq.
He said al-Janabi, in a press conference held in the parliament building in the presence of a number of deputies from the coalition, “The House of Representatives already has in the previous session to form an investigative committee, but its work has been hampered by one of the presidium members of the former in the field of the Commission allocations we have provided in our proposal yesterday to be authorize an international consulting firm to assist it in check this complex and extended from 2003 until things today. ”

He added that “the government has already announced its desire to form office to follow up on corruption. This is met with great welcome, especially from Vice President Iyad Allawi has recommended that there should be a global point of assistance for this office in the fight against corruption and the detection of the previous files and including that the audit is of the duties of parliament, oversight over the executive authority must be working this through the House of Representatives. ”

Janabi said that “the interim government, which completed its work in 2005, headed by Ayad Allawi has worked to provide the final accounts have for the 2004 budget in a few period did not exceed months at a time when we see it today, after ten years, we have received the final accounts for the 2005 budget and this means that the state was working throughout that period without final accounts. ”

He continued that “in 2005 I was Chairman of the Finance Committee in the National Assembly were approached BSA to submit a report on transactions that have been made in the DFI and Iraqi government accounts was the US administration was formed in the time office checked and completed its work about two years ago but he was unfortunately verified the Americans accounts and it not on the Iraqi government accounts has actually referred to a number of trials and the Americans did in Iraq, we need such offices so stolen money that the US government at a time when Paul Bremer was where suspicions of corruption ranging from 17 to 20 billion dollars. ”