Urgent text Al-Kazemi’s speech in front of Parliament

Urgent text Al-Kazemi’s speech in front of Parliament

7/5/2020 0:49

Urgent text Al-Kazemis speech in front of Parliament[Baghdad-Ain] The
text of the speech of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Kadhimi in the House of Representatives at the voting session to gain confidence
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful The

Honorable Speaker of Parliament ..
Ladies and gentlemen, Members of the honorable House of Representatives .. Honorable
attendees ..

I have the honor to stand .. in front of the pulpit of the people .. And before the representatives of the people in a difficult historical phase .. We face them together .. As Iraqi citizens .. Whoever Our sites and affiliations were.

It is a difficult stage .. The challenges that Iraq faces are great .. economically, security, health and social .. but it is not greater than our ability to address them .. We are together .. as original Iraqis from Basra to Kurdistan .. and from Najaf to Mosul .. are able to protect our country .. We together are able to assert national sovereignty .. and overcome the economic crisis .. and protect our people from health risks .. Iraq seeks to establish brotherhood relations and cooperation with the Arab brothers, neighbors, and the international community .. and Iraqi politicians in desperate need to listen to the voice of our people and youth throughout Home and to their legitimate demands.
This government came in response to a social, economic and political crisis …
to be a solution government, not a crisis government.

I had the honor of commissioning me to form a government for a transitional period surrounded by crises that have continued to reproduce themselves and accumulate negatively since the overthrow of the authoritarian regime in 2003.

I do not intend to distribute responsibilities for what we are in. .

I will endeavor as much as I can and the support and understanding received for the difficulties and overcome them to accomplish the tasks of the transitional period as quickly as possible, if we together secure all the legal, material and political requirements.

Therefore … I will not allow myself to elaborate on a major government program that gives rise to the confusion that I am thinking of prolonging the transition in any way.

From this standpoint, I have placed a primary task before my government, which is the true popular demands, which received the response from you, in preparation for the early elections.

In order to pave the way for fair elections, the sovereignty of the state in all areas must be confirmed above all in accordance with the constitution, and in the foreground must confine arms to the state and its armed forces and to the command of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and not to turn the country into an arena to settle scores and prevent the use of Iraqi land to attack others.

I have put the government program at your disposal, after taking into consideration the comments received from you.

The tasks for the government include working to find the required resources as a priority to tackle the Corona epidemic and the cooperation and support required of the World Health Organization and relevant international bodies.
The government pledges to guarantee freedom of expression, protect peaceful protesters and their arenas, and cooperate with them to besiege all those who want to offend the integrity of the protest, and to prosecute those involved in the blood of Iraqis.

The government will also make an exceptional effort to find resources to alleviate the citizens ’suffering from unemployment and a flagrant shortage in services, find resources that cover workers’ salaries and the state’s necessary requirements, and confront corruption firmly with all legal capabilities.

The government will work to recover political life, find a framework that brings together all the forces, parties, professional organizations, demonstrators, trade unions, and the women’s movement, and take care of the participation of those not represented in the government through consultative meetings that enhance the work of the government and enhance all forms of cooperation to clear the crises facing the country.

My government will work to consolidate the relationship and cooperation between the federal government and the Kurdistan region in accordance with the constitution.

Sisters and Brothers

I pledge to consult with you whenever I encounter difficulty or problematic, and if necessary, I will be in front of your esteemed council to put you in the form of the help and advice I need.

The ministerial formation before you, I look forward to giving it confidence …
Thank you for your kind attention and support.