Upgrading of Iraqi currency “dinar plastic (polymer)” Re-evaluate the value of the dinar

Upgrading of Iraqi currency “dinar plastic (polymer)” Re-evaluate the value of the dinar


Upgrading of Iraqi currency dinar plastic polymer– Dinar plastic (polymer)
– Restructuring of the Iraqi currency
Re-evaluate the value of the dinar

– Iraqi dinar (polymer):

1.eetm the use of plastic money and made of material plastic polymer high-efficiency rather than paper made from cotton material and paper used in the money industry today and that are exposed to rapid deterioration use life short and the movement of disease transition and endemic and infectious bunches bacterial with it and move on to people when you touch Kalmndel infested.

2. plastic money outlive most of its peers paper twice a number of years and do not affect the high temperatures and humidity, water, dyes, crushing and does not allow the formation of clusters of bacterial Ovairoseh.

3. plastic money security features very high degree forgery make it almost impossible to 99.9%.

4. plastic money can be recycled after it is damaged and the use of new raw materials reduces costs to a very high percentage Unlike paper that Taathra and lose parts and comes with stickers or dyes, which burned and then buried. Nor used as the raw material.

5.alncod plastic as far as being the most evolved its industry costs less than the cost of paper-based counterparts.

6.dol world began a gradual transition to plastic money instead of paper and the first Arab state of Kuwait is applied to the new currency system.

– Of Iraqi cash reserves of $ 53 billion for the year 2016
– Iraq has reserves of 90 tons of gold
.. This is the cover of the Iraqi dinar.

Iraqi currency:

– It must be the value of the Iraqi dinar to reflect the value of this financial cover
– And who is currently (1118) dinars to one US dollar
(According to the Central Bank of the price, of course), a very low value of digitally ..
Make it difficult to deal externally Dinars let alone inside Iraq.
Iraq needs to restructure its currency (Iraqi dinar):
1. Delete the zeros phantom inflation inherited from the siege and war ..
2. Be the dollar value of 1 is equal to 1 dinar and 118 fils.
3.eetm payment in Iraqi dinars for imports from China, Iran, Russia and Turkey are all state of understanding with them about the currency that is dealt with.

Re-evaluate the value of the dinar:
Iraqi dinar code globally DI, and Fils F
1. The re-evaluation of the Iraqi dinar, where every dinar equivalent of 100 fils and not 1000
And that each 1 $ = 1 DI and 18 fils.
2. production units metal younger groups most heavily for many Astkhamat payment and collection of taxes and fees and the rapid public attitudes and privacy, public transport, ATM and Lafrath in the markets)
It produces metal categories:
– AED 10 fils
– Quarter of a dinar 25 fils
– Half KD 50 fils
-danar 1 and is equal to 100 fils, as well as the issuance of paper has increased by only 20%.
If the improvement in the Iraqi economy, industrial and agricultural sectors, tourism and housing via the investment
Add categories are less fils are 1 and 2 fils and 5 fils future …

3. paper categories plastic polymer made of plastic resistant to damage and bacteria and fraud, namely:
-1 Dinars only 20% paper and 80 metal
Dinars -5
BD -10
25 dinars
JD 50
100 dinars limited trading major category of banking transactions and large international investment and business deals
They are forcing banks to deploy ATMs in every province and spend according to the market and the population density and the development of piggy banks levy metal sheet positions to collect mineral groups service fees compared to the corner the whole car managed .. The introduction of credit card banks digital money ..