Trump expects a “severe recession” in the United States

Trump expects a “severe recession” in the United States

Wrote: April 3, 2016

Trump expects a severe recession in the United StatesDonald Trump, the likely Republican nominee to run for the presidential race in Wisconsin on Saturday – Reuters

Donald Trump, who leads the race for the Republican nomination in the US presidential election predicted that the United States is heading towards a “deep recession” and warned that high unemployment and rising stock price on the stock exchange ratio compared to the real value Andhiran new economic deterioration.

He said the American businessman and billionaire, in an interview with the Washington Post published Saturday that the real unemployment rate is much higher than the rate of five percent, announced by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“The unemployment rate is not five percent and the figure may be in their twenties if we look at the real number,” following up the unemployment data “statistically designed to politicians seem especially presidents .. well.”

Trump said that the current period is appropriate to invest in the stock market proposing a darker vision of the American economy, which he sees most economists.

Trump has vowed in the interview to get rid of domestic debt that exceeds $ 19 trillion “over the eight years,” thanks to the renegotiation of the trade agreements.

He said, “I will negotiate all our agreements .. mega-trade agreements that I think it does not serve us.”

Quoting Reuters