This is what we need to hear!!!!!… Zebari: Iraq will return to its natural place after the Arab summit

On: Wednesday 03/21/2012 20:06

Moussawi: the conference is very important to the nature of the circumstances surrounding the region of Baghdad – Alaa al-Tamimi expect a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary return of Iraq to its natural place after the Arab summit in Baghdad. A member of the staff of Zebari’s (Citizen): »that holding the summit in Baghdad index positive for the return of Iraq to its natural place among the world »., and added»… that despite the divergence of views between the political blocs in the country, but the summit push these blocks to Alnzerlmstqubl Iraq »., explaining» that Iraq will chair the summit for one year and must be used so in order to strengthen relations with Arab countries »., and pointed out that» Iraq is linked to bodies closely with the Arab States and the weight and position qualifies him to be a pioneer in the region «. He Zebari» There are many factors to qualify Iraq to be important in the region, including its geographical location and economic as well as having a potential of human creative and depth of the historical «., for its part was likely a representative for a coalition of state law that Iraq is one of the most States ready to play countries effectively in the Arab region. MP said Sami al-Askari said in a statement that« Iraq and in the light of that seen in the Arab countries would be more States ready to play a key role in dealing with the files Arab «. He added that« all preparations for the Arab summit in Baghdad has been completed and remained just waiting on the session «. This will take place the Arab summit its session 23 in Baghdad next week. The Iraqi government, has confirmed on Wednesday, the importance of the Arab Summit in Baghdad, «as an opportunity will not compensate», while pointed out that Iraq will take its place among the Arab countries, and is the focus of their attention then. and media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi told a news briefing, said that «there for a long time, Iraq was the cut off about Arabs , a period that began the occupation of Saddam’s Kuwait so far », adding that he,« since Saddam’s occupation of Kuwait cut off Arab-Iraqi relations and thus became the Arabs are far away from Iraq and Iraq is far from the Arabs the opportunity to return ». He said al-Moussawi, said that« this conference is very important to the nature of the circumstances surrounding the Arab region, and changes in many Arab countries, and the entry of new heads and their meeting for the first time with the other presidents, all of this lends added significance on the top and gives more excitement and attention ».