Third world war … the Russian missile “Satan” will destroy America completely ?!

Third world war … the Russian missile “Satan” will destroy America completely ?!

Posted, 26/10/2016

Third world war - the Russian missile Satan will destroy America completelyRussia has a giant arsenal of nuclear missiles capable of ending the world’s only one right, but Russia does not use these human missiles to threaten, they are just a precautionary response ready for any enemy thinks of the threat of the Russian bear.

According to the “Sputnik” newspaper “The Sun” British report published on Monday, includes estimates of military experts, stating that Russian nuclear weapons capable of destroying the east coast of the United States during the three minutes in the event of a third world war.

According to the British expert, d. Craig Roberts, the only one of Russia’s nuclear missiles can erase the New York State forever, in addition to the 5 or 6 of “Satana” missiles (Satan) will disappear east coast of the United States of being.

The expert added that the ballistic missile intercontinental “Or- 36 or two” known as “voivode” and known to NATO as the alliance, “the devil” and recognized by British experts can more powerful nuclear warheads in the world carry, pointing out that this Russian warheads for missiles stronger than US counterparts that Japan was thrown at a thousand times.

According to the website “Zvezda” Russian, known to be a rocket “voivode” is the largest and most dangerous missiles in the world. It weighs 210 tons and carries 10 nuclear warheads, each head weighing 750 kilograms, fly up to a distance of 16,000 km.

Russia owns 74 platform launch, equipped with these missiles, and distributed in a different form throughout Russia, where one of the poles of the Russian nuclear shield.