The region threatens to “sue” Baghdad and Kurdish leader confirms: relations soured again

The region threatens to “sue” Baghdad and Kurdish leader confirms: relations soured again


The region threatens to sue Baghdad and Kurdish leader confirms - relations soured againBAGHDAD / … The leader of the former Kurdish MP Mahmoud Othman, Thursday, that the completion of a serious dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil is the solution, calling on the region to be careful in finding alternative if dialogue does not work as it should, while noting that the KRG could sue on Baghdad at the Federal Supreme Court.

Osman said on his own social networking Facebook and I followed the “eye of Iraq News” that the relations between Baghdad and Erbil soured again, and almost up to a dead end for the economic situation, and the lack of implementation Baghdad going forward 2015 law bilateral agreement on the export of the region’s oil and Kirkuk, 550 barrels per day “.

He added that, the monthly amounts that were sent to the Kurdistan region, half he needs and not, as stated in the budget law for the last bilateral agreement and this is not enough even for salaries, and shall be in a serious dialogue between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil to reach a solution by the Constitution and the budget and the Convention, and to the region to calculate an accurate calculation in find alternative also if dialogue does not work as it should. ”

He concluded Osman as saying that the Kurdistan Regional Government, you can file a case against Baghdad to the Federal Supreme Court, as it should be looking our ministers the problem of the Kurds in the Federal Council of Ministers and calls for the Kurdish bloc in the Iraqi parliament by calling the Abadi Prime Minister to clarify the situation, frankly. ”

The row between Baghdad and Erbil oil on their agreement, which was concluded last December 2014 on the export of oil account rate mechanism, whether annually or monthly or every three months, and rates the financial benefits resulting from it.

Under the agreement, approved in Iraq’s budget for 2015 by the province led by 550 000 barrels of oil through the extended plan with Turkey against the payment of monthly financial benefits Baghdad so.

For his part, he announced that the Kurdistan region oil will sell independently or hold a new agreement with Baghdad if it does not close at understanding.

It is scheduled to visit the Prime Minster Nechirvan Barzani Baghdad soon to discuss the agreement and accomplished in the Kurdistan region said in an official statement last week that he was committed to negotiations and dialogue with the federal government in the obstacles the oil agreement and the region’s share of the budget, pointing at the same time to “keep options other in case failure to reach an agreement “between the two sides” .anthy 1