The problem of the dollar and the dinar

04/11/2012 0:00

Yasser incumbent 
got the problem of exchange rates of the dollar against the dinar to the path of semi-dead end despite the fact that the central bank urges paced action may contribute to the reduction of furan climb but which ruled that kicks a dead end what he called the central specter of the dollar and exchange rate covers three markets of non-local. 
This scene pays to look at solutions in support of measures central to addressing cases rise this, here are the top trade policy adopted in the solution where the problem is the dollar to cover the demands of trade and… traders who tend fingered them into this mess by some interested parties and experts. 
attribute the Central Bank of the reason for crackdown to involve covered by the auction currency in the provision of statements of their accounts and activities so as to control disposition of the dollar. 
, prompting some to withdraw an evasion of settling accounts tax, this justification does not relieve the central provision of other reasons contributed to this mess statements information to third parties are not aware of the results on the citizen in order with or without . 
fact confirmed by the known experienced is that the gravity of the Iraqi economy and of an abundance of foreign currency could return prices to normal through the infusion of foreign currency through the auction currency and the equivalent of demand. 
Some go in his expectations, that the government is trying to acquire the foreign exchange reserve But the question that arises is what the government’s need for this reserve, which at its disposal the wealth of the country’s oil?. 
required to respond to these expectations or interpretations you name it is essentially the coordination between monetary and fiscal policy to permit the Baltoalat, if we are keen to address the mistakes that may occur in the midst of work and wide of this size we should not delude citizens’ perceptions do not exist confuse the market Vtavem. 
go back to the themes of the search for other reasons related to trade policy and say come now Dormoatn to contribute in addressing this mess prices. 
first thing targeted trade policy requires study needs real need slide the poor that are below the poverty line by providing food and secured through the ration card system-away is another way and draw trade policy for goods and other services that were called luxury and so to leave the supply and demand factors, which control and activate the law of customs and taxes to take the role, because the stage saturation has reached its peak for the layers of luxury and the poor who already can not afford to acquire, at higher prices of these goods, they will be subject to the wishes of layered luxury in how to deal with it and here highlights the role of consumer culture to deal with the phenomenon of rising prices. 
Everybody is talking about dumping the commodity but without giving the solution What is required now to address this dumping even Oklv the high prices and thus the stage of deprivation experienced by citizens in the three decades that have passed may Awwadnaha openness to global markets and today everyone has all the needs of luxury and the need requires sacrifice of the citizen of some desires of RCI if only for a period of allowing the government to control the chaos of the market and trade is studied and thereby contribute to the citizen to assist the Government to control prices and inflation ugly and address the issue of re-export of imported goods, reducing demand for the dollar in order to contribute to the political business support measures central in maintaining the exchange rate and cash reserve at the same time.