The last debate .. concern Republican and Clinton outbreak of nuclear secrets

The last debate .. concern Republican and Clinton outbreak of nuclear secrets

22/10/2016 0:00

The last debate - concern Republican and Clinton outbreak of nuclear secretsTrump accepted the results of the presidential election {if he wins} !!
Washington / agencies have
seen the University of Nevada in Las Vegas , US, the first on Thursday, confrontational rhetoric third and final before facing the polls to choose a president of the United States between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The
third debate , which began on the base feelers quickly saw the charges and unfamiliar words between the two candidates , particularly in external files Clinton Trump accuses that doll with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with Trump blasted Clinton renewed accusing President Barack Obama industry «Daesh» in Iraq, raised Republican billionaire concern great in the leadership of his party on the back of his refusal to accept the election result , but in the
case of «victory». In the last presidential debate between them, in the context of the exchange of accusations , which like the nature of their campaign, Trump predicted electoral fraud in favor of Clinton, while claiming is that Russia interferes in the race through the support of the Republican candidate.
He said Trump: The «These elections will visit will be manipulated», stated to a question from the corresponding director on acceptance of the election results if Clinton won, he said he would look at it at the time, stressing that he wants to keep «thrill» in this regard.
Trump ‘s remarks aroused the concern of Republicans that the country’s position in the majority party in Congress , loss, and criticized the prominent members in the party Trump refused to pledge to accept the election results, and boosted Republican candidate for his position in an election rally in the city of Delaware , Ohio on Friday , saying: «I will respect the outcome if I win», and added: « of course I will accept the result (clear) for the elections, but I also will keep my right to review or provide a legal challenge if the result was in doubt ». the

majority of the Congress of the Republic
with the delayed Trump behind his rival in opinion polls , attention shifts to Congress and whether Republicans will be able to maintain a majority in the Senate and House of Representatives.
John McCain , Arizona senator , who lost the presidential election in 2008 in front of President Barack Obama’s acceptance of the election result is « the American way», said in a statement: « as a result of the 2008 elections have not lived up to me, but I had a duty to accept the result and did so without hesitation».
raised Trump ‘s remarks angered Clinton , who said: «this is horrible», and in the simulation of the atmosphere developing countries, Clinton raised the presence of foreign support for rival hypothesis, and worse , it is Russia, arch – foe the United States.
, said that the aim of these attacks is to influence the outcome of the election, Clinton said that «Trump will be implemented in all what he wants the Russian president , who is trying to support the Republican candidate to see the doll him president of the United States ».

undermine American democracy ,
US President Barack Obama strongly condemned the remarks Donald Trump for fraud potential presidential elections, saying they« undermine »American democracy, and touching to Trump ‘s remarks , who refused to pledge the recognition by virtue of the ballot boxes on the eighth of November.
Obama said in Miami , Florida: «when you lose, congratulate your opponent, so working democracy», he added, «when sown doubt in the soul about the legitimacy of the elections, it undermines our democracy».
also dismissed Justice Minister US Loretta Lynch Trump ‘s remarks on the possibility of rigging the upcoming presidential election in favor of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Lynch said at a conference in Rome: «there is no reason to think that there is a real danger of rigging the vote that will be cast in large numbers or impairing the voting process or rigging sorting operations ».

external files and accusations
and during the debate varied viewpoints Clinton strongly Trump about the United States policy towards external files, while stressed the democratic candidate to undermine the rule of Syrian President Bashar al – Assad, Trump said:« We support the insurgents and do not know who they are and give them a lot of money , and if it has the ouster of Assad it comes to the end position much worse than
his presence ».
as for the gang« Daesh »was striking Trump ‘s attack on Clinton and US President Barack Obama, accusing them of creating« Daesh »in Iraq, and admonished Trump rival to get money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, pointing out that it «openly of women ‘s rights, but it has received $ 25 billion from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries that do not consider women a man».

detect nuclear secrets
, the channel «Fox News» US reported that Hillary Clinton may It revealed during the recent debate in Las Vegas for some of the secrets of its nuclear arsenal , the
US. And Clinton said during the debate that it can not hand over responsibility for control of the US nuclear weapons to rival Donald Trump, said the candidate
Democracy: «ultimately confined to the issue of use of nuclear weapons need to implement President ordered (US) after issuance, and go through about 4 minutes between ordering and launch nuclear weapons by those responsible for it, but precisely the oldest 10 people have endured this enormous responsibility on an unprecedented step and declared that they do not trust the possibility of nuclear weapon delivery Trump blade and the possibility of developing his finger on the button
nuclear program . » She explained «Fox News» channel , citing former employees in the US intelligence community that this information is contained in the words of Hillary Clinton, including details of the time period to blow the interview, is considered confidential information.

President No. 58
and an opinion poll showed television «CNN» Inc. «» that 52 percent of viewers said they believed Clinton ‘s victory analogy , while 39 percent said that Trump is a winner, and millions watched the debate , which took place in Las Vegas Americans but preliminary data showed that it attracted fewer viewers who saw the first debate set a record, and despite the provision of statistics to Clinton on Trump , however , everything is still possible for the candidates until the eighth of next November , which will reveal the identity of the President No. (58) , who will arrive in the White House.