The economic and investment commission ruled arrival of the U.S. dollar exchange rate equal thousand Iraqi dinars during the coming period

Baghdad (newsletter). Excluded Member of the Committee on economy and investment Deputy of Iraqi/coalition/nahida Al-daini, the exchange rate of the US dollar per thousand Iraqi dinars during the same period coming in under the current economic policy.

She said Al-daini (News Agency): the Cabinet Council expectations of US dollar equals 1,000 Iraqi dinar is not misplaced, given the absence of stable economic development, and financial and economic policies in the country.

Followed: in addition to the adoption of the national economy on a single income and rentier oil productive economic sectors which in turn introduces to the market and keep hard currency at home and not cashed abroad, as well as the presence of overlapping powers, these are all factors that help to reduce the value of the US dollar.

She added: we must develop a plan strategy for the promotion of various economic sectors and identify clear fiscal and monetary policy in the country in order to maintain the stability of the Iraqi dinar increase in value against hard currencies.

He was the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Presidency announced the Government’s relationship to one US dollar equal to 1,000 Iraqi dinar.