The deletion of zeros from the currency in the middle of next year .. And the withdrawal of the old currency

Member of the economy: the deletion of zeros from the currency in the middle of next year .. And the withdrawal of the old currency will continue and a half years

On: Tuesday 17/7/2012 7:56

Baghdad (news) .. most likely a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment MP / National Alliance / Ibrahim Rikabi, the application of the deletion of the three zeroes from the national currency in the middle of next year and not in the beginning that the project needs to be enough time to study it for fear of the entry of counterfeit currency when implemented, He pointed out that the process of replacing the currency will continue (18) months.
Rikabi, (of the Agency news): Although the project to delete the zeros of the three important currency to reduce inflation happening in size, but there is concern about the presence of mafias to enter the counterfeit currency to replace the currency Vtm wait the project until putting in place mechanisms and plans for how to address these illegal operations. He added that the Economic Commission representative will host the central bank governor and two vice presidents and directors of sections for the purpose of standing on the latest preparations on the project to delete the zeros and the outcomes and recommendations stating that giving way to those who are trying to target the Iraqi currency by injecting currency counterfeit , as well as to determine the timeframe for the implementation of the project. ruled out Rikabi: implementation of a project to restructure the Iraqi currency after deletion of zeros of the three of them at the beginning of next year, but may be in the middle for the purpose of giving enough time for those involved and specialists to study it in detail, stressing that the new currency will work with the old while A year and a half in order to pull the old currency to fully take the place of new. and pointed out: that the shape of the new currency will take different colors reflect the civilization of Mesopotamia and symbols archaeological representing all shades of the Iraqi people. The Central Bank of Iraq announced (29 September 2011) that the year 2013 will see the deletion of zeros and switch the currency, which warned him, officials and economists because of the presence of mafias currency is preparing to rig the trillions of Iraqi dinars to replace them in the light of the planned changes. has called for the prime minister’s central bank to wait a project delete the three zeroes from the local currency, saying he was a big project and needs to be enough time to apply it. / Finished / 8. n. r /
Source: ikhnews