The central bank introduced a new strategy for the Iraqi dinar to the dollar is equal to

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Central Bank announced new steps that will raise the value of Iraqi dinar against the dollar. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed in a statement to the reporter (JD) that the central bank began to implement a new strategic equation will come out even where the Iraqi dinar and the dollar if it is available the appropriate atmosphere. Saleh added that the new strategy will work to increase the capacity of the Iraqi dinar as a step in the way of reform of the financial system in Iraq and stimulate the economy, and then proceed with a project to delete the zeros of the exit equation equal to the Iraqi dinar with the dollar and this requires the availability of several factors Kalnhod the agricultural sector, industrial and services sector and investment. He said the current situation cause for optimism about the future of the economy and the value of the currency and its purchasing power. / End / 20.

Source: dananernews