Suction dollar

04/12/2012 1:16

Mohammed Abdul-Jabbar carp 
 while continuing to price the U.S. dollar rise against the dinar, is escalating the dispute between the legislature and the executive branch about the powers and area of the Central Bank. 
does not seem to timing differences appropriate, especially if you moved from department purely technical to the political department, and became part of the list of differences between the various political blocs, it seems, in everything! 
issue price of the dollar being the form in which it is now of serious and …sensitive issues facing the Iraqi currency, and especially the Iraqi state in general. It is not a sign of health to decline in the currency price of oil, like Iraq, against the dollar. We replace our oil dollars in practice. When the dollar drops, this decline to eat of the cliff of our national wealth that may be better for us to keep it in the ground, if possible, that we sell for currency continues to challenge our national currency. 
There are many reasons leading to the now high price of the dollar. In addition to the reasons cited by the Central Bank Governor Dr Sinan Shabibi, the apparent physical cause, or hidden on the other, is that the points of what has to Anarafha, the dollar is now pumping out of the country. According to some official estimates that the volume of the dollar, “the source” may exceed 40% of the income from Iraq of the dollar. This is a large proportion, no doubt, but terrifying. 
about this frightening situation faced by our national currency, it is not necessary to raise the issue of the Central Bank as an issue is controversial, this may lead to less focus on the most important issue is the dollar. Therefore, instead of the debate underlying the controversy about the independence of the central bank, and the nature of its relationship to the executive branch, it is better for the country’s interest that we are talking and debate, within each relevant departments, and among themselves, on how to solve the problem that we face, and that fear to turn into a crisis. 
Constitution between who is responsible for formulating monetary policy and finance in the country, and the laws made ​​clear the nature of relations between the government and the House of Representatives and the central bank, and any additional discussion on this issue occupies both sides of the conflict in the country at the expense of the main problem. It is enough that the arguments are invoked to the Constitution and the laws in force, and then firing the minds and ideas about the best ways to get out of the current plight of the dinar.