Special force stormed CBI and a series of bombings in Baghdad predicted dead and wounded

Al-Mustaqbal Lebanese Wednesday, 10/24/2012 family Basra governor Previous litigation Maliki for his assassination and management “death squads” under the supervision of Iran Baghdad Ali Baghdadi interacted assassination Muhammad Misbah Waili former governor of Basra (southern tip of Iraq) dramatically after accusing the victim’s family to the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki-led “death squads” under the supervision of Iranian involvement in a series of assassinations, including accident Waeli known Iran Bmaadath influence in the city-rich and overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

The center of this picture tightened forces loyal to owners grip on the Iraqi Central Bank after storming yesterday and arrested a number of senior employees in a move that sparked concern internationalist of government control over the independent bodies in Iraq.

Going back to the assassination of the governor of Basra Mohammed Misbah Waili, who was assassinated Finally, announced the victim’s family sue Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and those close to him on suspicion of involvement kill him by elements of the intelligence secret run-Maliki and under the direct supervision of Iran.

said As’ad Waeli brother conservative late in a press conference, accompanied by his brother held in Basra yesterday that the “family has today (yesterday) to go to the Iraqi justice in a court of Basra and recorded a lawsuit official against Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Abdullah Auaz Jubouri and Issam al-Asadi accused officially assassination Muhammad Misbah Waili and bring to the Iraqi judiciary for investigation on their actions.”

said Waeli “We told our brother (Muhammad Misbah Waili) 20 days ago from his martyrdom that there is a process orchestrated to assassinate him and when we asked him about the people told us that one the intelligence which operates under the command of (Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri) al-Maliki to assassinate people and he has begun reveals clues of this device.”

Waeli said, “Tell us our brother late that this device is funded from two Business Issam al-Asadi and Abdullah Auaz Jubouri and also told us that he told the latter after their intention to run a joint list as loyalty to Basra in the province to buy off some people refusing to form the list and contest elections in the province because it does not belong to Basra and to leave the city center.”

and stressed brother of the governor of Basra Previous by saying “We told our brother that if he anything his blood neck-Maliki and al-Jubouri and Asadi and machine intelligence, which will liquidate him.”

The family Waeli reported in a statement obtained (the future), a copy of it yesterday that “the introductions the assassination mastermind planned and including Martyr The fame oral deposited by our prior martyrdom Payam and repeated three hours before the assassination confirms beyond doubt the involvement of security apparatus intelligence Sri run Nuri al-Maliki with the assistance and supervision of some of the leaders Dawa Party and funded by faced commercial Abdullah Auaz Jubouri and Issam al-Asadi and under the direct supervision of Iran and one of the powers that participated in the crime to destroy Iraq and burn and grab its resources and wealth, which we will reveal them at a later time and the role the assassination of our brother and support for the formation of a Nuri al-Maliki oppressive.”

the statement said, “I have wanted martyr Waeli before he was assassinated detect serious information obtained about this device intelligence secret by holding a press conference revealing the nature of the device security and intelligence in the province of Basra, the Iraqi provinces of targeting of religious symbols, national and Iraqi political and the role of this device repressive in collecting information on anyone who opposes and works to uncover the facts Dawa and Nuri al-Maliki and then decide Nuri al-Maliki liquidated After trading with Iranian intelligence.”

The statement that “Waeli discovered that all assassinations by done through a Nuri al-Maliki’s repressive, leaving Maliki supervision on this machine for some of the leaders Dawa Party and the funding for this device falls to the destination business both named Abdullah Auaz Jubouri and Issam al-Asadi,” noting that “a number of family members when they arrived to the scene and found security men dressed in military official denied that everyone has access to the victim, who was still in his car and everyone was heard screams through injury which proves that he is alive and can be saved , but there appears to be superior orders for this security force not to move from the scene even sure his death is what actually happened.”

In the first reaction confirmed the Supreme Judicial Council on dealing positively with any lawsuit filed against Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Spokesman Council Abdul Sattar Bayraktar said in a statement yesterday that “Maliki citizen like the rest of the Iraqis and any lawsuit raises against him will be dealt with.”

was unknown gunmen assassinated the end of last month the governor of Basra Mohammed Misbah Waili when intercepted his vehicle and opened fire towards them, which led to exposure to wounds caused serious after his death.

Following the incident called the Islamic Virtue Party, which belongs to him Waeli of the Iraqi government to open an urgent investigation and expanded in the incident.

In another matter the plans for the Iraqi government to dominate the independent bodies, stormed the special security force belonging to the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki building the Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad and arrested a group of employees of their right to arrest warrants.

A security source said that “special force stormed yesterday the central bank and confiscated documents related to the work the Iraqi Central Bank,” adding that “such a force has surrounded the Central Bank of Iraq and barred entry and exit and arrested a number of employees who have been issued against them arrest warrants”, adding that “the arrest warrants issued against 36 staff working in the bank after charge of corruption.”

For his part, Governor of the Central Bank of the former Iraqi Shabibi and political motives behind the corruption charges expressing his willingness to appear before the Iraqi judiciary after Eid al-Adha.

Shabibi said in a press statement yesterday that it would be “in Iraq after the end of the holiday and will dismantle talismans misunderstanding happened and explain the imbalance in the Multi auction sale of foreign currency,” stressing “no fear of standing in front of the Iraqi judiciary because I believe that I am not guilty and I’m going to eliminate the facts He will decide in the end my innocence of the charges.”

said Shabibi said that “there is political motivation behind raising this issue in Parliament and the media and institutions that do not they understand the mechanism of action the central bank has created a big mess without referring to the bank to explain the issue,” adding that ” more What bothered me is that I learned a note detention of media and I could not be sure of it.”

turn over UN special envoy to Iraq Martin Kobler concern the United Nations and concerns of the measures taken against the Iraqi Central Bank, which could affect the independence as a plan of monetary policy in country.

said Kuebler said in a statement that “the UN is closely monitoring and through its mission in Iraq actions against the Iraqi Central Bank,” stressing the need “to maintain the independence of this body and all independent bodies in the country.”

and Iraqi Council of Ministers finally decided exemption Governor Central Bank Sinan Shabibi from office and ask Abdul Basit Turki to manage the central bank to further notice, after allegations of suspicions of corruption in the work of the central bank and private sales dollar and smuggled to Iran and Syria.

Moreover, record the security situation in Baghdad setback after an explosion seven cars bombs and fall mortar led to the killing and wounding dozens.

and said Iraqi security source that “eight car bombs exploded (yesterday) in the regions of Jkok and Torch (North) west of Baghdad, killing six people and wounding 14 others were injured and serious material damage to a number of homes” with I talked Baghdad Operations Command for killing and wounding a number of Iraqis and the collapse of one of the houses blew up a car bomb and four sticky bombs placed in civilian cars in the two regions.

saw Baghdad yesterday wounding two civilians fall mortar shell in the district of Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad, while a mortar shell landed in the area people (northeast of Baghdad).