Source: “National Alliance” divided over the position of Governor of the Central Bank

Source: “National Alliance” divided over the position of Governor of the Central Bank

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Baghdad / Orr News

Escalated differences within the bloc “National Alliance”, which includes the majority of the Shiite forces, on the nomination of a new governor of the Central Bank, the successor to the article Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, and Parliament will discuss next Tuesday to choose alternative and seeks to pass a law eliminating the acting government positions.

According to one senior source in the “National Alliance” that “dismissal Shabibi and choose the alternative turned into a point of contention large within the alliance,” and likely failure to reach agreement within a short period, allowing the survival of Turkish in the management of the bank acting to long unknown or assign the prime minister personal Other proxy. “and noted that” there is a feeling among some components of the coalition that Maliki’s State of Law coalition of acquisitions, wants to assume the position. ”

The source pointed out that “a preliminary list of candidates for the position of Governor of the Central Bank finally leaked the names of personalities mostly close to the prime minister,” and explained that “Iraqi Ktlta and the Kurdistan Alliance and Sadr would be allowed to nominate parliamentary figure close to the government.” The list of candidates for the post of Governor of the Central Bank, succeeding Hbibi legal adviser to Prime Minister Mohamed Fadel, Ahmed ÇáČŃíĺí, and Zia Khyoun.

And linking the different political blocs dismissal process Shabibi, a prominent figure on the economic and financial level by refusing to obey the orders of government aimed at interfering in the bank’s financial policy, most notably his refusal in 2009 granted the government $ 20 billion for the rehabilitation of infrastructure.

The government decided mid-month dismissal Shabibi from office while he was outside Iraq to participate in an international conference in Japan, and approved at the same time appointed head of the Office of Financial Supervision Abdul Basit Turki acting as his successor until the appointment of a new governor. The Iraqi constitution stipulates that the task of selecting the Governor of the Central Bank, and are independent bodies in parliament.

It is assumed that Parliament discusses bill within days end management proxy government positions, in an attempt to prevent the appointment of Prime Minister close to him in the vacant positions.