Shammari calls to cancel the parliamentary recess for the benefit of the people

Shammari calls to cancel the parliamentary recess for the benefit of the people

11/30/2014 16:53

Shammari calls to cancel the parliamentary recess for the benefit of the peopleBAGHDAD / Obelisk: called on Member of Parliament for the National Coalition MP Kazem al-Shammari, Sunday, chairman of the parliament to breach the constitution if McCann matter in which the Iraqi people benefit, noting that the Constitution came to serve Iraq and its people and that it was in violation of benefit to them we will not hesitate to claim violating.

Al-Shammari said in a press statement received “obelisk” a copy of it, that “the Constitution is the safety valve for the political process and came to protect the interests and rights of the citizens and the sovereignty of Iraq and the organization of general things, and as long as the state budget is the practical foundation to achieve all these things, and there are problems hinder their access to the parliament Flanatkd that There is harm in violation of the constitutional paragraph which states granting legislative vacation to Parliament after each legislative term of one month as long as there is a public interest in this breach. ”

He added that “Article 57 of the Constitution, noted the absence of legislative term of the parliament in which the budget is submitted to, and everyone knows that the budget could reach from one moment to another, thus the end of the legislative recess granted full for the month due to delays in the budget for a day or two extra is a new obstacle will delay the budget more and complexity of the scene political, economic and security than it is complicated. ”

“The Constitution has been breached several times on previous occasions to serve the interests of political parties and blocs thus Flader today that this violation was repeated, but this time to serve the Iraqi people, who came to these parties and blocs to Maouselt him from office.”

He said al-Shammari “the importance of the ongoing session of the parliament as a bargaining task pressure on the government to resolve the budget as soon and send it to parliament, because the holiday that was granted to the parliament will be an outlet convenient for the government to ensure that the postponement sent for a longer period,” noting that “Parliament is the legislative authority which initiated the Constitution and vested amending the paragraphs which Authority representative of the people and defending the rights of the people and as long as the budget is expected to relate to life Bamorh we have to be careful people to continue our work until the legislation as soon as regardless of whether or not a breach of the Constitution. ”