Security chiefs expect the end of the process of Mosul advanced level in two months

Security chiefs expect the end of the process of Mosul advanced level in two months


Security chiefs expect the end of the process of Mosul advanced level in two monthsExpected operational commander “are coming, Nineveh” liberate Mosul, Major General Najim al-Jubouri, take battles against al “Daesh” terrorist in Mosul, just two months before it is removed last fighter to the terrorist organization of the joints of their last stronghold in Iraq.

He described Colonel Abbas Hamed, one of the field commanders in Mosul, expectations Jubouri as completely correct, as the organization “Daesh” terrorist currently sheltering in another forts in Mosul, exhausted from the rigors of the battles waged against the Iraqi army and popular crowd, while increasing military power of the popular crowd , who are still receiving new blood to fight the battles.

He said Hamid, that military operations in western Mosul, will be a little complicated, because it is next to being the last bastion of the organization of the besieged now and does not have any way out, is considered difficult terrain, it is an old residential area, streets are narrow, which disrupts the ability to the use of heavy weapons, especially with a large number of the population.

He explained that the current leaders of the organization “Daesh” in western Mosul, lack the efficiency of the military leaders of the organization, who were killed by Iraqi forces in the east, where the organization has lost over the past few months a lot of numerical and armament strength as well, and therefore, despite the expected for the operations of bad conditions, the liberalization of Mosul fully will not be delayed too much.

For his part, revealed the Iraqi military expert Hasan Alazar, that the organization of “Daesh” terrorist exposed a major jolt at the moment, despite attempts by the organization to maintain the land under his control now, but it forced every day to the execution of a number of his fighters who are trying to flee Mosul to escape the fighting and attacks by the army, and for fear of the fate of inevitable death in the hands of Iraqi soldiers.

The Alazar, that the organization was executed last Friday morning, about 7 of its elements, they tried to escape through the river, but to prevent them from crossing was controlled by Iraqi forces on the waterway, which pushed them to return to the west of Mosul again, and issued field commanders orders the execution of deserters shot shot.