Security: Al-Halbousi Colluded With The United States

Security: Al-Halbousi Colluded With The United States

06/07/2022 | 6:21 PM

Security - Al-Halbousi Colluded With The United StatesInformation/special

On Tuesday, security expert Adnan al-Kinani accused Muhammad al-Halbousi of colluding with the United States, noting that it relies on him to facilitate its affairs inside Iraq.

Al-Kinani said in an interview with the “Information” agency, “The 2019 visit that Al-Halbousi went to Washington was not a protocol visit, as there was no press conference explaining the nature of the visit and its reasons, and what will be achieved from it?” He explained that “the United States aspires to divide Iraq into 4 states, including Shiitestan, Sunnistan, Kurdistan, and the state of the regions, and depends on Al-Halbousi to be the leader of the Sunni component.”

He added, “Al-Halbousi violated the constitutional powers and acted in a dictatorial manner, and there are external parties standing behind him and supporting him,” noting that he “forgot the homeland and the people who brought him to the parliament due to his collusion with the United States.”

He continued, “He took advantage of his position to align the work of foreign parties inside Iraq, and he practices many violations, the last of which was the diplomatic passport document of his family.”

And the political analyst, Kazem Al-Hajj, had considered, in an interview with “Al-Maalouma”, that “granting the family of Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi with diplomatic passports is in violation of the constitution and the laws in force,” calling on “the public prosecution and the legal and regulatory authorities to act, and to know the eligibility of granting the Al-Halbousi family these passports.” “. finished / 25 and