Saleh indicates project to delete zeros postponed until after 2014

Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Tuesday, that the project to replace the currency and delete the zeros has been postponed until after the year 2014

Said Saleh told / Baghdadiya News / he “national project has been postponed for the deletion of zeros until after the year 2014 to the lack of appropriate political atmosphere to accomplish,” pointing out that “the Bank completed all the mechanisms and preparations for the start of the project

The said project needs the support of government and parliamentary at the same time” and this unless achieved during the last period as a result of the presence of well­ founded fear of initiating about such a move by some politicians and ministers and advisers in the government and who attributed it to the lack of appropriate political atmosphere to start with

He Saleh, said that “any delay of the project we need to start before the New Year, because the state of the process or system My new can not work before this time under the law of the Iraqi Central Bank is likely to postpone the project to early 2014 or later upwards.”