Saleh: Deleting three zeros in near future; Add Kurdish language as well as English and Arabic for the new currency

Palm – central bank adviser said the Iraqi appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the bank is serious implementation of the project to delete three zeros from the national currency in the near future.

Salhan said it depends on at the present time to form the next government and parliament two new Saokhman upon themselves determine the mechanism under which the application of the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency.

He added that the deletion of zeros will contribute to reduce the size of the inflation and reduce the size of the money supply in the market of 26 trillion Iraqi dinars to nearly 25 billion dinars, indicating that the Kurdish language to be added to the new currency as well as Arabic and English.

He pointed out that the large number of funds traded in the market led to get confused in the large commercial transactions, and in the work of banks, adding that the deletion of three zeros from the Iraqi dinar will lead to reform the system of management of the national currency and thus improve and revitalize the Iraqi economy.