Record high of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar

Record high of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar

Sunday, May 3, 2015 – 20:40 GMT Abu Dhabi

USD-Iraqi dinarAbu Dhabi – Sky News Arabic
Iraqi currency market volatile returns of the benchmark high for the value of the US dollar, with the central bank policies aimed to reduce the sale of the dollar in the public auction, and speculation in the dinar witnessed recently.

And it saw the dollar against the Iraqi dinar sudden rise is the highest of its kind in two years than a thousand and two hundred dinars to about three hundred thousand dinars, the cast of the new exchange rate negative shadow over the Iraqi market trading.

He was behind the rise for many reasons, including the current year budget, which reduced the dollar selling by the Central Bank of Iraq Law, the last and the development of new mechanisms for sale through the auction, and also for asylum speculators in the Iraqi currency market to raise prices as well as the security and political unrest in the country.

Financial experts said that the rise in the dollar the country has experienced in recent times just a bubble caused by the return of speculation, as they expect to recover the dinar recovered in the near-term rise in global oil prices.