Private banks without money .. and the government established a looming Insurance Company

Private banks without money .. and the government established a looming Insurance Company and guarantee deposits


Private banks without money - and the government established a looming Insurance Company and guarantee depositsJD / Nabil Fawzi / ..abdy many citizens complained and complained because of the failure of some private banks to provide the amounts Ihtajoha according to their assets, while the government indicated its intention to raise the establishment of an insurance company law and to ensure the financial deposits.
And the transfer of citizens complained to the agency / BD / could not be those banks to provide funds deposited and give them time to be able to manage the bank Toviha especially difficult, including currency, wondering about the strange style posed departments of banks offer properties for sale or Eshraeha solution instead of the money deposited.
Said one of the owners of companies declined to be named for JD: The North Bank, offered him the real estate in Baghdad against the money deposited with the bank, adding that the bank can not be the existence of the debt of some of the ministries have not been paid, in addition to find some contractors who received loans and facilities worth more than the 400 billion dinars for the payment of the discharged on the grounds.
He added that the financial situation of enterprises and institutions associated with the north bank became weak, especially because of the bust work pay dues.
Turn adviser Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a statement to the Agency / BD /: “The problem facing temporary and banks, it is not, as some think it’s a losing but facing a crisis deposits and flow of liquidity and irregular,” calling “the central bank to tighten its control and follow-up on the banks, private and civil checking constantly to avoid liquidity problems arising. ”
He added: “We are working to establish a private insurance company and guarantee deposits of citizens, and the formulation of a draft law in cooperation with everyone, including civil and government banks and submit it to parliament for approval,” pointing out that the company law will be strongly Banking Act of censorship hand and keep depositors’ money and speed up in addressing any problem facing the banks and restore confidence quickly to those banks that have undergone a management official licenses and legal undertakings operate under.
He consultant Abadi “The banks are working to recover a private high amounts of money loans their money and then provide cash and address the imbalance and give depositors amounts request one at any time they want,” noting that “the central bank put some banks under the tutelage until the correct work and ensure the rights of citizens. ”
Saleh was noted in the time previously told / BD / that slough some banks from paying the full amount requested by the applicant under the pretext of lack of financial liquidity is contrary to the laws and requires the intervention of the Central Bank of Iraq, stressing that the control and banking department of the Central Bank of Iraq is responsible for monitoring the safety of liquidity banks and financial flows and consider complaints and take measures to speed up the check because of non-payment of the banks and the amounts requested by the owner of the funds deposited in the custody of those banks at any time he wants, “../anthy / 22 /