Parliament’s economic committee welcomes the postponement of the deletion of zeros

The head of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Ahmed Alwani, a draft decision of the patient as deleting three zeros from the currency issued by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, considering the current time is not ideal, and it needs a long time to implement it.   He said al-Alwani, according to the Agency (news) that the decision issued by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to postpone the project of deleting three zeros from the local currency is professionally before they be political, because it is an important project and needs to be enough time to study it and stand on the most important Mostagdath, indicating that the dinar is national currency and has no identity of sectarian or national.   said Alwani: The Economic Commission had meetings with the government and the Central Bank on this project was the consensus that this project is important for the local currency and the economy in general, adding that many countries omit zeros from its currency.   He Alwani : that the country is going through during the current period of political and Altazmat differences between the parliamentary blocs, so it needs political stability to the application of the deletion of zeros.