Parliamentary wisdom bloc: the rate of completion of the government program does not exceed 32%

Parliamentary wisdom bloc: the rate of completion of the government program does not exceed 32% .. These are the most prominent observations (expanded)

2019/8/8 13:44

Parliamentary wisdom bloc: the rate of completion of the government program does not exceed 32 percent(Baghdad: Euphrates News) announced the opposition parliamentary wisdom bloc, its report on the completion rates in the government program.
A statement by the bloc during a press conference held in the parliament today attended by a correspondent of the agency (Euphrates News) copy of it that “based on the announcement of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to issue a report showing the implementation of the government program {2018-2022} for the first six months of the formation of the Iraqi government, being “The body responsible for following up the program, ensuring the accuracy of the data, analyzing it, diagnosing deviations and delaying in implementing the paragraphs of the program.”
He pointed out that “and for the national responsibility towards our dear people, the National Wisdom Movement study the semi-annual report and review its paragraphs by commissioning specialized technical committees of the current men and independent experts, where the work concluded to prepare an analytical study of the report of the government and found that there are many of the disadvantages that must be Stop then and oblige the government to address them. ”
He continued that “the report showed that the rate of completion of up to (79%) in the overall targets of the ministries projects without touching on the mechanism of calculation, which indicates ambiguity in one of the most important outputs of the report and concluded the wisdom trend that the completion rate of the government program does not exceed (32%) at best Conditions for the absence of full transparency in the government program in addition to the tragic reality, which is reflected on the suffering of all categories of people in various provinces.
The statement pointed out, “and therefore has been installed many Almkhadat in the analytical study of the stream of wisdom and approach the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers officially for more than ten days did not receive any comment from the Secretariat in particular.”
He explained that one of the most important observations:
1 – not to specify digital weights for each paragraph within the government program to calculate the percentage of completion of projects where the report gave one value regardless of the size of the project where equal to an electronic archiving project in the Ministry of Commerce project to establish Karbala refinery.
2- The apparent weakness in coordination between the ministries that made the plans and the Ministry of Planning responsible for approving the plans.
3 – The existence of many projects within the report did not achieve any achievement because of the lack of financial allocations to him, and this is a clear indicator of the delay in the process of distribution of resources provided for in the budget approved by the Iraqi parliament.
4 – The report lacked reference to important issues that were among the priorities of the new government, which the citizen eagerly awaits, such as (the ration card, the outputs of anti-corruption cases, the lack of addressing the outstanding files between the Center and the Kurdistan region, and confining weapons to the state).