Parliamentary sources: the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil opens the door to approve oil and gas law (HCL)

Parliamentary sources: the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil opens the door to approve oil and gas law (HCL) expanded report

09/04/2015 09:37

Parliamentary sources - the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil opens the door to approve oil and gas law - HCLBAGHDAD / Source News / .. political editor .. attribute many of the House of Representatives and experts in the field of oil the oil sector in Iraq has fallen to the absence of a law governing the relationship between the center and the producing provinces, which applies to the presence of obstacles tends to be an important cause of Maewagha country’s political and economic crises .

In this regard, says the citizen Bloc member Hassan Khalati that the general budget entirely dependent on oil imports must be to speed up the enactment of the oil and gas law, which ensures that regulate the relationship between the center and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Khalati said that “the next House of Representatives sessions will see the inclusion of oil and gas law on the agenda for the purpose of reading and discussion by the political blocs.”

“The said law is important because it solves many of the dilemmas that exist between Iraqi Kurdistan and the federal government and between the oil-producing provinces and therefore this law will set the oil policy in the country, noting that” there is a wide interest by the parliamentary blocs to complete the enactment of this law, the fact that the state budget is based totally dependent on the proceeds of oil resources.

For his part, oil expert Fouad Qassem, Prince said that the oil and gas law, which is long overdue since 2007, the cause of Mayaanih oil sector of the problems of attributing the reasons for not acknowledging that the central oil wealth management under the Constitution and this mechanism do not agree with the policies of some political parties and there are attempts to pass law formula does not correspond with the Constitution .. pointing out that the Iraqi Oil Ministry submitted a draft appropriate law can be adopted best being between Makedm but there are efforts to return to the draft in 2007, which included a number of supplements and became a foregone conclusion being exposed to the details of the contracts and these supplements prepared according political orientations and not Economic.

To that, the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party faction in the House of Representatives MP Khosro Goran, the existence of views within the House of Representatives is working to block the oil agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan region.

Curran said that “there are points or members of the House of Representatives, may not like them oil agreement,” adding that “these actors are trying to disrupt and create problems so as not to be the implementation of this Convention.”

He said Khosro Goran, he was in “Previously there were technical problems regarding the export of oil, but the Kurdistan Regional Government overtaken,” adding that “the province began pumping oil and is more than the former, and as we have noted, the Federal Ministry of Finance has dispatched additional amounts to the Kurdistan region.”

The Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, had confirmed an earlier statement that «the majority of the oil problems between Erbil and Baghdad was due to the lack of oil and gas law, as well as the absence of this legislative framework has caused problems with other oil-producing provinces in Iraq, everything is built on the interpretation of often solo material (111) and (112) of the Iraqi Constitution, and the Constitution insists in both articles insist that the work is a joint between the local federal government and the government whether a territory or province, but unfortunately that did not happen in the case ».

He said Abdul-Mahdi: «there was a good chance from 2003 until 2008 to move forward in the legislation of the oil and gas law, but we did not do it, and after 2008, oil production began in the Kurdistan region, there is a possibility to reach an agreement and held many meetings this particular, but because of the political tension and lack of confidence did not come to an agreement,

For his part, contrary goldsmith economist that the mode of production in Iraq is moving toward the unknown because of the lack of economic vision and the lack of productive pattern is clear because there is a state of confusion in oil policy development resulting from the lack of political will and modern management to determine the oil and economic plans requirements .. proposal to work toward the formation of pressure groups, each according to its competence working toward publishing studies provide for the government to feed them in the process of development of the oil sector in Iraq.

Economic expert, Dr. Abdullah al-Bandar pointed out that the problem in Iraq is that the policy is that control the economy and this is a problem and because politics is going on according to the harmonic, it ruined everything in the country and that the oil sector in the country, who underwent the whims of political temperaments away from scientific plans. Demanding seeking towards the development of oil policy is based on the thought of economic and seeing solid .fima called economist Bassem Jamil Anton to the establishment of a national oil company, the task of the oil policy and will be agreed by all parties, which includes all of Iraq without exception .. The existence of such The company will unify petroleum policies and non-monopoly of this or that party in the production, export or contract side agreements or smuggling of oil and sell it on the black market