Parliamentary Finance: We do not know anything about dollar smuggling to Iran

Baghdad / Orr News

Said Dler Abdul Qader, a member of the Finance Committee in Parliament that “the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives to have an ad hoc committee to follow up exchange rates, and everything related to the subject of foreign currency at the Central Bank

, But unfortunately, since the formation of this committee have not received a single report in this regard, and did not hear a single sentence on the tasks assigned to it, “noting that” the problems that were experienced by the central bank, and the situation that led to reached by Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi is itself is still ongoing and we suspect that the Iraqi funds be today in good hands, and we after approving the budget, we will diligently to follow up the case of high prices in the currency, because it is an issue involving the daily economic life of all the people. “

He denied Abdelkader “any connection between the delay, which happened in approving the budget and rising prices of dollar-winning today, but it may be busy House budget and approved in the last period has led to the absence of follow-up of the Iraqi funds, where no longer appointed open on what is happening in the Central Bank” , calling for “bank governor agency, to work faithfully, and they will not allow higher prices that led to the great harm citizens, due to the Bank’s approach to the wrong policies.”

And on the rumors about smuggling dollar through Iranian companies, the committee member parliamentary Finance that “we have no information regarding smuggling money out of the country, and this of course is unacceptable, and that this information is confirmed, there is a section in the House of Representatives in charge to follow up this subject, and supposed to pursue the issue of smuggling of money. “

The economists attributed the rise in dollar exchange rates in the last period to sell the central bank dollar for Iranian companies, pointing out that these companies are smuggling the money out of the country, has contributed significantly to the scarcity of the dollar in the local markets, while saw currency traders that the main reason is due to the lack of dollar supply in the central bank auction, which fell to $ 70 million after the show was up to $ 200 million.