Parliamentary Commission of Economy likely high price of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar soon

07 May, 2012

The parliamentary economic committee announced that the price of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar will rise soon, which will exchange the U.S. $ 100 b and 900 117 thousand dinars, and the price will be determined by the Central Bank of Iraq.

The committee rapporteur, Mahma Khalil in a press statement that the Finance Committee and another committee in the House of Representatives met with the Central Bank, to determine the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, was at the meeting emphasized the need to stabilize the dollar exchange rate per capita compared to 1179 dinars, having added to it 13 dinars commission .

Khalil stressed, that the real price of the U.S. dollar is equal to 1179 dinars, and the high price of the dollar goes back to the trade in dollars and send it to Iran and Syria, he said.