Parliament to reconvene Thursday; Today discussed CBI and 6 laws

Discuss the House of Representatives on the thirtieth session, which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Qusay al-Suhail, First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives and in the presence of 182 deputies on Saturday the policy of the Central Bank, finished first and second readings of the six laws then decided to adjourn the meeting to next Thursday.

A statement from the Department of Media House Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that “at the beginning of the meeting initiated by any of the Holy Quran presented Suhail condolences Council for each of MP Mohammed Saadoun Chihod the death of his uncle and another Zain Nuri’s death her sister outside Iraq.”

Then the Council ended the first reading of the draft law by the Fifth Amendment to the Law of the State Council No. [65] for the year 1979 and submitted by the Legal Committee because of being handled by the Council of important duties in the preparation and formulation of draft legislation and considering an adviser to the state of opinion and legal advice and increased the duties of the Council increased the number of legislation and inquiry and clarification before it it and to increase the number of advisers and assistants depending on increased duties and benefit from legal experienced and competent and the introduction of courts administrative judiciary and eliminate staff and in some areas to facilitate the litigation process and the protection of citizens from arbitrary administrative authorities and protect the rights of the state and its interests and maintenance of prejudice staff their duties.

The Council ended the first reading of the draft law rent farmland and submitted by the Committee on Agriculture to secure rent agricultural land in accordance with the principles and foundations of a new and advancement of agriculture and increase crop production strategy beyond the borders of perfusion and exception Desert Land of the bidding procedures.

The Council also completed the second reading of the draft law on ratification of agreement to amend the Convention for the establishment of the Arab Company for the construction and repair of ships, ratified by law No. 58 of 1974 and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and services and reconstruction, financial and oil and gas.

In interventions on the bill, MP Abbas al-Bayati, “the importance of the bill being حزء of Iraq’s obligations in OAPEC order to get the facilities in the export as well as the importance of knowledge of the items contained in the Convention.”

In response, the committees concerned, “The agreement achieved the goals that seeks OAPEC to Thakiqiha in Arab countries, citing the presence of recommendations on knowledge of the terms of the agreement.”

And completed the second reading of the draft law on accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and Defense and Security.

In the interventions of Representatives MP Riad Ghraib on “the importance of the Convention as fall within the framework of Iraq’s bid to get out from under the provisions of Chapter VII,” calling to “speed up the vote on the bill.”

In its response to the interventions Committee indicated that “to accede to the Convention, which demonstrate good intentions of Iraq in the nuclear field, especially in light of concerns that apply on the control of some groups of internationally banned weapons.”

After the Council ended the second reading of the draft law of the First Amendment of the CPA Order defunct No. [86] for the year 2004 and submitted by the committees of security, defense and legal.

In interventions on the bill MP Mahma Khalil said that “the bill includes economic benefits and private security, and that many of the provinces suffer from the issue of auto not Almnafist give ownership of the vehicle.”

For his part, MP Walid al-Hilli said that “modified CPA Order to اينسجم with Iraq’s sovereignty, which requires cancellation of orders rather than modify, pointing to the importance of a new law to pass.”

For her part, MP Najiba Najib “contrary amendment CPA Order of Iraqi sovereignty, especially after becoming decadent not exist, noting the legislative role of the Council.”

MP Hassan Yassiri has said the “original text to CPA Order includes general instructions regarding the sale and purchase of cars and transactions heirs, while the current bill regard a particular aspect,” calling Director of Traffic General to “address the Council of Ministers on the issuance of instructions on vehicles.”

In response to the interventions confirmed the legal committee taking into consideration the proposals of Representatives indicating that orders CPA under the current constitution window until now as laws are changed based projects submitted by the authorities concerned, noting that the project included compel the seller and buyer registration of vehicles and transfer of ownership, declaring their readiness to legislation A new law through an agreement with the government.

The Board completed the second reading of the draft law of the First Amendment of the Public Roads Act No. 35 of 2002 and submitted by the Commission services and reconstruction.

In the interventions of Representatives on the bill proposed MP Walid al-Hilli “abolition of special materials that include harsh penalties concerning the imprisonment of offenders and replacing it with a fine tight financial.”

He MP Hamid Buffy to “the importance that the fines consistent with the size of the damage to public roads.”

The MP Hanan considered Fatlawi that “the law regaining critical, especially in light of the lack of attention which requires the development of methods severe penalties to ensure compliance with the instructions.”

For its part, the Committee noted that “the prison sentence comes in response to the magnitude of the damage in accidents that lead to death, noting the Commission’s intention to reshuffle the fines contained in the bill, pointing to most of the roads that have been repaired have been sabotaged by Sir payloads large indicating that the Commission will be amendments to the draft law in line with the current stage. “

In another matter Council discussed policy CBI where he Qusay al-Suhail Committee Chairman temporary pursue political central bank in his speech said, “Following complaints regarding auction sale of foreign currency and trading sales in the Central Bank hosted the Presidency of the Council concerned at the bank in addition to the Minister of Finance and Chairman of Supreme Audit and Finance Committee Chairman Parliamentary Committee Chairman economy and investment, where there is convinced that there breaches many suspicions in transactions and private Maitalq ERA selling foreign currency were on the track to form a committee to investigate the data available to the Presidency. “

He explained Suhail, “it was diagnosed gaps existence multiple instructions more than 7 instructions for buying and selling foreign currency in one year and reflected the policy is clear, has been assigned a team of BSA to pursue violations to analyze 200 financial transaction amounts reached 2 billion and $ 200 million and included food and furniture and library materials to enter the Iraqi market, noting that bank officials believe that at least 85% entered actually the Iraqi market, indicating that after question Tax Commission afternoon of the total amount estimated at more than two billion dollars entry $ 21 million only to the Iraqi market. “

He explained that “most goods entering Iraq and fake,” noting that “the committee reached the conclusion that 98% of financial transactions conducted in a manner and fake اوجود her,” adding that “after expanding the sample turned out to be 6 to 7 private banks have front companies in Baghdad, Dubai and Oman through which import food and different materials, “pointing to” the presence of 7-8 fake companies in Dubai specializes in the transfer of money from Iraq and sent to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and Oman, “pointing out that” a lot of private banks turned to the speculation in currency market, instead of contributing to development where those banks to transfer money and sold to middlemen. “

He said the “amount of leakage in the size of the funds amounted to between 100-150 million dollars,” pointing to “the importance that is checking now with money Iraq abroad where he has 140 bank account outside Iraq, Anmlk coupes movement monthly have also turned out to be $ 900 million have been withdrawn by the U.S. Treasury Department in one year as does installation of the quantities of gold and precious stones, “noting that” the report was referred to the Integrity Commission and then to the courts, “stressing that” the Office of money laundering at the bank was alert the central bank governor down to the presence of money laundering operations. “

He added that “stability in the value of foreign currency reflects the need of the market, which is 80 million more than this amount being smuggled emphasizing the role of the Council in protecting Iraq’s economy, noting that the central bank turned into a tool for currency smuggling.”

For his part, MP Haider Abadi, head of the Finance Committee and a defect in the instructions of the Central Bank due to increased demand for the dollar, which led to confusion noting that the investigation committee is not interested in accusing anyone because it’s about the judiciary.

Turn MP Ahmed Alwani, Chairman of the Economic Committee that “the issue lacks a political dimension, reaching information on significant violations led to the formation of the investigative,” pointing to “the existence of fake receipts in the import of food.”

In the responses of the House of Representatives on the policies included in the report called MP Haider Mulla applicant debate to “aspects of the investigation is completed in central bank policy is to submit a report to the House of Representatives,” pointing to “the importance of defense all the House of Representatives for the most important economic institution.”

For his part, MP Bahaa al-Araji, said that “the judiciary carry out preliminary and the investigation is not considered this report mainly to investigate,” warning of “double the judiciary’s handling of the issues in front of him.”

The MP Hassan Jihad praised the “efforts of the committee formed to monitor the performance of the Central Bank”, calling for “punish anyone involved with corruption and money laundering.”

MP Aziz Ugaili has called “question and hosting officials at the central bank in the House of Representatives.”

The MP felt Asmaa al-Moussawi said “the investigation indicates that money laundering is one of the important sources of funding for terrorism advocate investigative parliamentary committee to dialogue with the governor of the central bank to reveal some of those involved.”

MP Hamid Buffy the need to “statement and the central bank’s view on what was a private investigation on it that the bank is responsible to the House of Representatives.”

She drew MP unit Jumaili to “the importance of follow-up work of private banks that bear responsibility for money laundering in collaboration with remittance companies, proposed cancellation of an auction sale of the dollar.”

For his part, MP Ahmad Chalabi said that “the direction of the Commission in the investigation wrong and that all dealt report the issue of foreign exchange as the report discussed one aspect of the problem,” and wondered about the involved “money laundering demanding the formation of an investigative committee again to reveal all aspects of the case after The current carried Committee specific people responsible for what happened. “

For his part, MP Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri “revealed the reasons for converting these amounts, which are estimated in the billions who revealed gone forth these amounts.”

Turn MP Magda Tamimi showed “a great corruption in the Central Bank”, criticizing “non-use of the Interim Committee of the Committee of Finance permanent competent to monitor the work of the Central Bank.”

The MP stressed Najiba Najib on “the need to combat corruption in various institutions across the formation of an investigative committee competent.”

MP Aziz Mayahi that “all documents submitted to the Central Bank forged often been alert to get breaches in the bank.”

In response to the interventions confirmed Suhail “having convinced all dealt report of information pointing to the power of the presidency of the Council for the formation of temporary committees, noting that the Integrity Commission did not control the arrest of those involved, but saw it as dimension judicially and legally been on the track convert the case to the judiciary.”

He Suhail said that “the central bank governor bears a great responsibility being withdrawn powers all general managers and deputy central bank,” noting that “the Presidency of the Council laying sequence currently detained, especially as the Commission auction at the Central Bank had breached its work fully,” stressing the “defense The Presidency strong to protect the independence of the central bank without the protection of corruption in this institution. “

He explained Suhail said “various departments did not take any action to stop money laundering,” adding that “senior management at the bank bears the problem is specific to Iraq as it now stands is not likely experience but needs to increase profits,” noting “no loss of six billion dollars of fund revenues Iraq wondered about the role of parliamentary committees to investigate major corruption issues. “

Turn called Aref Tayfur Chairman of the Interim Committee meeting to “continue its work and submit a comprehensive report on latest results.”