Parliament demands a halt to the dollar and the auction address Tehran Iraq and the economy with gold Dolarath

07/02/2012 9:46

Baghdad / Orr News

I addressed the parliamentary economic committee of the Central Bank formally, to stop the sale and payment of the dollar auction, while the information indicates that the Iranian government, you are buying the dollar and the quantities of gold, of the provinces of Najaf, Karbala and Basra, to address the shortfall in Khozanha of gold.

It seems that the economic sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council on Iran has started to bear fruit, where it began the features through the depreciation of the Iranian Altoman even arrived at the “320” Tomana against one U.S. dollar, while in front of the Iraqi dinar has fallen by “50%”.

The problem, according to economic experts, that these sanctions reflected a shadow on the Iraqi economy, especially gold and foreign exchange, has seen the city in recent days, the prevalence of the phenomenon of buying foreign currency by the Iranians and in large quantities striking called the deputy governor of Central Bank of Iraq to say: ” This phenomenon will lead to the high price of gold and thus confuse the Iraqi economy, “a student at the same time to” deal with this phenomenon by the officials and as soon as possible. “

The head of the parliamentary economic committee Ahmed Alwani The Committee addressed the central bank to stop the sale and auction of the dollar until the issuance of instructions determine which authorities have the right to deal with hard currency, to ensure that leaked out of Iraq.

“The officials in the Iraqi Central Bank confirmed that they now are developing a new mechanism to participate in bids to buy the dollar, and how they will exchange the dollar and hard currency, and we will follow up this subject first hand in order to preserve cash reserves of Iraq.”

The Alwani, that the smuggling of currency and a negative impact on the Iraqi economy is bad, and will affect the reserve currency, and the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, also has a serious political dimensions.He explained that Iran is suffering from the economic situation is bad because of international sanctions. They try by any means compensate for the damage, particularly with regard to foreign currency, and has no outlet other than Iraq, being considered an arena of influence is strong political, economic, and even security.

 He continued: So they are trying to fill the deficit, even if there is damage to Iraq, and this can not accept it, and we will stand against all of Iraq is trying to unload in hard currency, and will not compromise on the country’s wealth for the interests of others.

But Ibrahim Mohammed al-Mutlaq, a member of the House of Representatives and the representative of the Iraqi bloc says: “The phenomenon of buying foreign exchange in general and gold in particular is not confined to the province of Basra, but includes all parts of Iraq.” He added: “According to statements by some officials said there was the equivalent of U.S. $ 80 million withdrawn from the Iraqi market out of the country and if this continues like this topic, it will lead to economic disaster will be resolved in Iraq.” And called on the government represented by Ministry of Finance and Central Bank of Iraq to establish controls to reduce this phenomenon and process according to the contexts used in the face of such phenomena. “Does not mind al-Mutlaq of the exit of the dollar out of Iraq because he” comes from the door to pay the value of imports of the state or the private sector, but must to be out within certain controls are the most important not to get out of the States which imposed the blockade by the UN Security Council, because that would mean a departure from the international consensus, except as detrimental to the national economy. “

He was a member of the Committee of Economy and Investment National Alliance MP Amer winner, said earlier that the price of gold will rise in the whole of Iraq in the event of continuing increased demand to buy it in Basra.And Earlier reports indicated the existence of traders Iranians in Iraq and continuously accept the Basra market to buy gold in large quantities, considering gold a safe haven to avoid serious deterioration of their currency against foreign currency as a result of international sanctions imposed on Iran.

And forced Iran after the United States imposed economic sanctions and Europe for the purchase of hard currency from neighboring countries, and most recently Iraq, its openness to the control without security or political or economic, according to observers