The Central Bank announced new steps that will raise the value of Iraqi dinar

Parliament calls for the central bank not to limit bank loans and one


BAGHDAD / JD / .. Knesset Finance Committee requested the CBI not to Hsrmzad hard currency in one bank, as well as bank loans in order to avoid cases for administrative and financial corruption. A member of the Committee and MP for the rule of law, Secretary Hadi’s / JD / “The bank loans that are working on the Rasheed Bank should not be limited to the only, to avoid the occurrence of any corruption. Said Hadi:” I addressed the Bank Governor Sinan Cpie not limited to an auction sale of foreign currency in one bank so there is no monopoly on economic and not to open the door of bribery and corruption, financial and administrative front sale “.. The Central Bank announced new steps that will raise the value of Iraqi dinar against the dollar. Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an earlier statement the reporter (JD) that the central bank began to apply the new strategy will emerge equation equal the Iraqi dinar and the dollar if there have the appropriate atmosphere. Saleh added that the new strategy will work to increase the capacity of the Iraqi dinar as a step in the way of reform of the financial system in Iraq and stimulate the economy, and then proceed to the draft Delete zeros out an equation equal the Iraqi dinar with the dollar and this requires the availability of several factors Kalnhod the agricultural sector, industrial and services sector and investment. He said the current situation cause for optimism about the future of the economy and the value of the currency and its purchasing power. / Finished / Nazik Mohammed Khadir

Source: dananernews