Nujaifi: Kuwait and Iraq a thing of the past and the issue of reparations and debt settled

Nujaifi: Kuwait and Iraq Gadahn a thing of the past and the issue of reparations and debt settled through

Published on Friday, April 12 / April 2013 11:16 | Written by: mg-an

Chapter VII IraqKuwait / obelisk: said Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi in an interview with the newspaper (daytime) Kuwait, on the sidelines of the conference nineteenth Arab Parliamentary Union in Kuwait, said, “My missing and Archive between Iraq and Kuwait witnessing significant progress and that the issue of reparations and debt will be settled within a year. ”

The Nujaifi in an interview published newspaper in its edition on Friday, said that “to remove Iraq from Chapter VII requires a letter from Kuwait to the UN Security Council to deal positively on this subject,” stressing “go hard for both countries to normalize their relations and close all files permanently, and stressing that Kuwaiti intentions towards Iraq good, especially after the fulfillment of his many commitments. ”

And whether Iraq has asked Kuwait, in support of it out of Chapter VII, especially after the completion of the restoration of border markers, Nujaifi said that “the recent period has seen the completion of a number of issues such as borders and navigation in the Khor Abdullah, and compensation of farmers, and there significant progress in my missing and Archive” .

And increased in saying “remaining issue is the subject of reparations and debt, and with the time that either gets a bilateral agreement and this requires a letter from Kuwait to the Security Council even deal positively about Iraq out of Chapter VII or to keep things that pay full compensation and I think that over the years to come will be Collapse this file in all cases heading countries to normalize relations and close this file once and for all. ”

And tricks some of the statements of Iraqi offensive to the relationship with Kuwait, explained Najafi “Iraq is a democratic country it is natural that there will be voices have a different opinion which must be heard, as well as Kuwait, we do not control people on the sound but there are state policies are going and bilateral agreements, and the goal is to establish an normal relations between the two countries either commit all people in a particular direction, it is possible. ”

He continued speaking, “I do not think that the exit of these votes here or there affect the nature of the relations between the two countries, and I think it’s natural that there will be voices of opposition and we emphasize the good will to solve all the files.”

And disputes over maritime borders and the port of Mubarak, Najafi said “the issue is still under negotiation between the two countries with an international partner is the United Nations must be to reach an agreement about it, and it is essential that this be done.”

And on the possibility of forming an international committee to follow up the matter as demanded by the Iraqi government, said Najafi said that “the House of Representatives does not interfere in this matter, and we consider the issue of government and the House of Representatives approves the agreements between the two countries when before him and offered us the issue of Khor Abdullah, and cooperation agreements between the two countries, and must be approved, and must discuss things between the two parties clearly, and the government is the entity authorized to resolve these issues. ”

Najafi explained, the position of the Syrian situation, saying “the Syrian situation worries all Iraqis, not all the political forces agree about what is going on in Syria.”

He went on to say “it’s important to give the Syrian people a chance to get to the polls and choose whom according to spammers democracy”.

And about his vision for the future of the political process in Iraq, Nujaifi that “optimism is always, and this country, and we must work to repair and errors exist and most Iraqi political forces know this fact and seeks to rectify the situation, and understanding can happen between different political forces, whether sectarian or national , and hope is, God willing. ”

He Nujaifi that “Kuwaiti investments in Iraq slim, and we hope that there will be economic cooperation and increase investments in Iraq.”

The House Speaker Osama Nujaifi left, on the tenth of this April 2013, Baghdad at the head of the delegation of parliamentary delegation high-level official visit to Kuwait to participate in the activities of a meeting of the Conference XIX the Arab Parliamentary Union to be held in Kuwait with the participation of heads of parliaments of 18 countries .