NASA: Earth will face 15 days of total darkness next month

NASA: Earth will face 15 days of total darkness next month

October 7 .2015 – 11:13

NASA - Earth will face 15 days of total darkness next monthSumer News: Follow-up

He confirmed the US space agency (NASA), that the earth will face 15 days of complete darkness, and that daily between November 15 and the next 29 of the same month, which did not happen for more than a million years, as the transfer of Australian site.

He said astronomers at NASA that the world will be in the darkness of the third hour of the said date, which will mark Sunday, and ends after 15 days, and marks on Monday at 16:15.

They said that what they called the “November Black Out” event happened caused by planetary astronomer Last between Jupiter and Venus.

Jarlaz Bolden, who was appointed by US President Barack Obama as president of NASA, the deployment of document of 1000 pages, explaining the event to the White House.

According to the document, it is in the 26 October / October current, planets would be in line parallel joint, and Venus will pass from the south-west of will cause heating gas buyer, which will result in the latter reaction.

The reaction of the buyer and its interaction will release an unprecedented amount of hydrogen into space, and the amount of hydrogen will interact with the sun, causing a huge explosion on the surface.

The cause explosions immediately increase the temperature of the sun to nine thousand Kelvin. And it will try to stop the sun blasts through the heat sent from its position; it is what the sun will change the color to blue.

And when the sun dims the color of the blue italics, it will require about 14 days to regain the degree of natural surface temperature, due to the glowing red color.

And some areas of the world may see the light for a short time (7-8 minutes) in the morning of 15 of the next month, but the land will revert to full darkness until the sun’s heat back to normal after 14 days.

Bolden has discussed with the Obama administration Details happened, “black day”, and stressed that “we do not expect any major impact from the Black Today only a rise in temperatures of 6 to 8 degrees. The poles will also influenced mainly, there is no need to worry one, the event will be similar to that experienced by the residents of Alaska in the winter. ”

The news prompted the need to think about the question (how we will live the 15 days of the dark?), Although that NASA is trying to calm the wary, the haunt of many anxiety about how the passage of those days; and whether we will continue to exercise our daily lives? Are doors will open official circles? Did we will go in the aircraft? Are we going to universities and schools? Questions will not find the answers until we begin to see the event, which speculated by NASA.