MPs and experts: Replace the counterfeit currency

MPs and experts: Replace the counterfeit currency Balsabh .. Phenomenon would hurt the country and crush the national currency
On: Sun 02/05/2012 12:08




Baghdad (news) / report / Faleh Hussein / .. Warned parliamentarians and economists of the increasing phenomenon of entry of counterfeit currency and replace it with hard currency for the benefit of which is under international sanctions

and suffering from Tdhorammeltha cash, because it will lead to an economic problem difficult to solve in the country and crush the currency national.
and inviting during the talk (of the Agency Alkhbaria news) to the need for controls and the laws and control the border crossings to reduce the deliberate draining hard currency from Iraq.
A member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Ibrahim al-Mutlaq: The phenomenon of entry of counterfeit currency by neighboring countries and replace them with hard currency will lead to economic disaster is difficult to avoid.
said al-Mutlaq ( Agency news): The trends of the U.S. dollar in the non-specific, but just sold at auction the central bank without knowing the trend going here is to invest or to smuggling or import from outside the country, calling for setting the direction of exchange, both within the country or abroad by stakeholders.
and a student not to sell the U.S. dollar at the auction during the current period until the set rules, laws and disclosure of the methods pursued by some countries to combat the Iraqi economy and its currency.
as stressed member of the Committee of Economy and Investment MP / National Alliance / Amer Al-Fayez on the importance of taking legal action strict against those who are in the process input counterfeit currency into the country for replacing hard currency as a phenomenon leading to the fold of the Iraqi economy and the deterioration of the national currency at home and abroad.
said the winner (of the Agency news): The currency comes to Iraq as a result of weakness evident in the ports, the Iraqi border that must be monitored to fight the owners of the souls of vulnerable workers, whether at border crossing points or trading in these currencies.
He explained: that this phenomenon had already occurred within Iraq will impact heavily on Alaguetsadeh because it means the introduction of fake currency and replace it with hard currency, which would reduce the reserves of hard currency into the country and frequently the circulation of counterfeit currency and thus will make the Iraqi dinar exchange rate down against the dollar.
while denied by the Economic Commission deputy / coalition in Iraq / Nahida Daini the existence of any phenomenon to enter the currency forged Iraqi replace foreign currencies during the current period, although there is a process of depletion of foreign exchange from During import the external as well as the high demand for purchase of the Central Bank.
said Daini (the Agency news): The control Iraq’s borders with neighboring countries and activating the device standardization and quality control are important factors to limit the entry of goods bad that led to the depletion of foreign exchange for commodities of poor origin to the country.
She added, should be clear study and planning of economic accurate for the development of economic sectors in order to dispense with import foreign goods and to strengthen the Iraqi economy and raising its standards.
For his part, fear financial expert Ismail Abdul Hussein: the spread of the phenomenon of switching of counterfeit currency for hard currency within the country because they cause serious on the Iraqi economy and the national currency, noting that most of the countries of the world began to center used the invention of special equipment for counterfeiting, particularly the Iraqi to fight the Iraqi economy and crush its currency.
According to Abdul-Hussein (of the Agency news): that neighboring countries like Syria and Iran is suffering today from an economic blockade and the deterioration of its currency, What made ​​them Iltjaon to Iraq to buy the dollar.
He explained: that the Iraqi currency, which replace them in U.S. dollars that they were valid and not fraudulent, it is a positive thing for Iraq through the recovery of the Iraqi currency to the origin, while if the fake Iraqi banks is not ready to reveal these currencies there is a danger to Iraq in general.
called: the importance that there be complete by the readiness of Iraqi banks to detect counterfeit currency entering the country, in addition to control of the border crossings to prevent the entry of such currencies to Iraq. / Finished / 8. d. Q /