MP calls for Maliki Kuwait to contribute to taking out Iraq from Chapter VII

Saturday, April 7 / April 2012 06:58

[Baghdad – I’m]

He called for a coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki on the Kuwaiti side to work harder to contribute to taking out Iraq from Chapter VII.

He said al-Maliki told all of Iraq [where] the day, that “the State Department formed a working group works Mawasal towards removing Iraq from the United Nations resolutions relating to Iraq, especially those taken by the former regime’s invasion of Kuwait, and… the question of the seventh item, which is today a trusteeship on Iraq because of the imposition of restrictions on his movements and international finance, “he said.

He revealed that al-Maliki “the Committee will begin its Iraq-Kuwait in mid-April now.” Asserting that “there are extensive contacts carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the permanent UN representatives of the great powers in the Security Council to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.”

The deputy expressed the hope that “works on the Kuwaiti side with Iraq to form a joint team in order to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, especially after the improvement in relations between Albdigan in recent times.” Noting that “the seventh item delivered Bdilalh on the Iraqi arena and still has a lot the negative impacts on the country. “

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki paid a visit to Kuwait on 14 of March last-day and one at the invitation of his Kuwaiti counterpart and met the prince of Kuwait and the President of parliament, and held talks with the Kuwaiti delegation headed by Prime Minister During the visit, resolving a number of files, including the demarcation of the border and end the file of Iraqi Airways, with no access to the announcement of the results during this visit for a number of other files which are the most important issue of reparations and remove Iraq from Chapter VII. “

The Emir of Kuwait on March 29 is a historic visit to Iraq after a hiatus of 22 years and attended the Arab summit and gave a speech, which gave the impression of improved relations between the two countries and resolve outstanding issues between them, allowing to drive Iraq from Chapter VII. Ended 2