MP Adnan Al-Jabri: Legislation of “emergency support” means the survival of the caretaker government

MP Adnan Al-Jabri: Legislation of “emergency support” means the survival of the caretaker government

Posted, 2022-06-08

MP Adnan Al-Jabri - Legislation of emergency support means the survival of the caretaker governmentMember of Parliament, Adnan Al-Jabri, confirmed Tuesday, that there is a Kurdish welcome for the initiative put forward by independent representatives to resolve the political blockage, while noting that the legislation of the “Emergency Support for Food Security and Development” law means the survival of the caretaker government.

Al-Jabri said during his speech to the “Twenty” program broadcast by Alsumaria satellite channel, that “the independent representatives came from an audience rejecting all the events of the current political arena, and willing to change and pull the rug out from the blocs participating in the political process after 2003; because of the outcomes that led to the deterioration of the situation in Iraq.” “.

He added, “The absence of organization and the lack of communication between the emerging blocs led to them obtaining only 40 seats,” stressing: “We will not dissolve into the ready-made projects or for which the blocs participating in the political process were previously established.”

Al-Jabri, an independent MP, expressed his hope “for a realistic political proposal that would pave the way for a radical solution to all events in the political process or to correct them.”

The Kurds and the independents

With regard to the position of the Kurds towards the initiative of the independents, he indicated that “there is a Kurdish welcome for the initiative in order to proceed with resolving the political impasse.”

He continued, “Our initiative will go ahead, but even if it is accepted, it will need time to negotiate and form a government, and therefore it will be extended until the end of the year,” adding: “Independents will become a focus and will embarrass the political blocs.”

*Food security

Al-Jabri explained, “Due to the current crises and the current high prices globally, there must be a door for the government to spend to support the various segments of society.”

And he believed, “The legislation of this emergency support law will preserve the current government during the current year at least, and will give it comfort in dealing with the Iraqi street.”

* Dissolution of Parliament

On the issue of dissolving Parliament, a member of the House of Representatives said, “The constitution defines this issue by voting by a two-thirds majority, regardless of the applicant, whether from the government through the President of the Republic or through the Presidency of Parliament,” ruling out that “parliament held a session to dissolve itself by a two-thirds majority.”

Countries are interfering with the West, and if we reach a complete blockage, the public will pressure the blocs, and the public will not remain silent this summer, the crisis will be resolved

*political opposition

Al-Jabri added, “We do not want an opposition to overthrow the prime minister because of personal differences, but rather we need a constructive opposition,” stressing that “any government formed by one party without the other, we will witness the movement of the public on that party.”