Mounting statements fever between Trump and Clinton

Mounting statements fever between Trump and Clinton

29/10/2016 0:00

Mounting statements fever between Trump and ClintonPutin has denied interfering in American elections: Are you a banana republic!
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with the start of the countdown to the start of the US presidential election on 8 November next, escalated statements fever among Republican ends Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, as Trump launched a blistering attack on his rival , which he described she unleashed a gang «Daesh» in the world , vowing to stamp it out if his accession to the presidency genetically put the United States by saying « the world laughs at America» .. at the time denied that Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘s interference in his country ‘s US elections joked: «Are you a banana republic!», as revealed Research Foundation for registering thousands of voters «dead» in Indiana records.
the Republican candidate for US elections Donald Trump, the Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, «unleashed« Daesh »in the world», adding that he would stop the terrorist gang as soon as possible.
he said Trump in a speech to his campaign in Springfield , Ohio: the «e – mail messages published by the site« Wikileaks »recently demonstrated how the aide close to Bill Clinton , with the help of the couple to reap millions».
he continued to say: «We no longer win anywhere, and the whole world laughs us », Trump promised that he« will make the United States a triumphant state of new »if he wins the presidency.

banana republic ,
for his part, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, the accusations against his country to intervene in the US presidential election just« hysteria », wondering what If the United States «banana republic».
Putin said during a speech on international relations in the city of Sochi in southern Russia on Friday: «among the problems mythical and imagined there hysteria, I can not find a description of another, which has spread in the United States about the alleged influence of Russia in presidential election ».
Putin has strongly denied the US accusations, and said:« It is aimed at distracting the attention of American voters from domestic problems »and asked the Russian president:« Does one really believe that Russia can influence in some way in the American people ‘s choice? Is the United States a banana republic? United States «superpower», and »Banana Republic» a political term used to refer to the countries in which they live political turmoil and suffering from the domination and corruption of large, appeared during the Cold War and launched many of the countries in Latin America. The

first lady
Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton appeared with one of the the strongest backers of the first lady Michelle Obama for the first time in a rally to urge young people and women to vote.
Clinton said to a crowd of about 11 thousand people the first Thursday of North Krolayna York: «I was hoping to never have to say this, but in truth, dignity and respect for women and girls being also vote for in this election, and I would like to thank the first lady of the strong defense of the core values ».
criticized Michelle Obama Trump without being remembered by name after she asked the crowd for any candidate they wish to represent their daughters in the White House.
she said:« We want a president takes this function seriously, and that is normal and has the maturity needed to perform well, steady person, someone we can Notmanh nuclear ».

revolutionary war on
the other hand, threatening supporters of Trump, to go to what they say« revolutionary war », in the event of winning the Democratic candidate , Hillary Clinton .
the opinion poll conducted by the «Associated Press», that 64 percent of supporters of Trump ‘s turn to express doubts in the screening of the election results, if not lead to the victory of their candidate, according to the newspaper «Telegraph» newspaper reported, the waving supporters Trump violence, raises concern the United States, especially since the Trump refused to confirm whether he will accept the election results.
in addition, the newspaper «Politico» electronic revealed that Joe Biden is the most likely candidate for the position of secretary of state in the case of Hillary Clinton win the election
it should be noted that the Biden holds the post of Vice President since the first of President Barack presidential term
in the context of election news, skidded off a plane carrying the Republican candidate for the office of Vice President Mike pence of the runway, after landing La Guardia Airport in New York , the first Thursday of without causing any injuries.