Mishaan Jubouri: So Massoud Barzani avenged from Abadi!

Mishaan Jubouri: So Massoud Barzani avenged from Abadi!

2019/02/07 16:58

Mishaan Jubouri - So Massoud Barzani avenged from AbadiBaghdad today – Baghdad

The former member of the House of Representatives, Mishan Jubouri, on Thursday, that the President of the Democratic Party Massoud Barzani avenged the former Prime Minister Haider Abadi, preventing him from a second term, and took the region unprecedented gains from the federal budget.

“Some thought that preventing the Kurdish people from gaining independence despite their unanimous vote to vote (yes) was weaker than their role,” wrote Jubouri, in a tweet on his personal account on the Twitter social networking site.

“But President Massoud Barzani cleverly invested in the Iranian-American conflict and the Shia competed for power and avenged Haider Abadi by preventing him from re-chairing and took the region unprecedented gains in the federal budget.”

On Thursday morning (January 24, 2019), the House of Representatives voted on the Federal Budget Law of 2019.

Under the law, Iraq’s revenues for the same year amounted to 105.5 trillion Iraqi dinars, after the price of a barrel of oil at $ 56, an export rate of 3.3 million barrels per day.

Public expenditures, according to the law voted on, 133.1 trillion dinars, while the value of the fee was 27.5 trillion dinars.

“The House of Representatives, for the first time, passed a budget without external borrowing, with only internal borrowing,” members of the Finance Committee of the Parliament said after the vote on the law.

A government source, reported on Friday (25 January 2019), that the amount of share of the Kurdistan region of the budget in 2019, amounted to 13% of the budget.