Merkel’s message reveals hatred for Obama

Merkel’s message reveals hatred for Obama

01/01/2016 21:12

Merkels message reveals hatred for ObamaBAGHDAD / Obelisk: released US State Department about three thousand message, had been sent by former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, from their e-mail private.

The new group of messages 0.275 document has been submitted to the degree of ‘secret’ because they include personal messages, bringing the number of documents that have been considered confidential in a Hillary-mail to 1274, according to the report published by ‘Sputnik’, and I followed ‘obelisk’.

In a related context, newspaper ‘The Hill’ America revealed on Friday that a former senior adviser to former US Secretary of State Hillary Cletnton told her in a letter sent to their e-mail private in 2009 that German Chancellor Angela Merkel hate ‘Obama phenomenon’.

The newspaper reported on its website that Sidney Blumenthal, sent a memo to Hillary September 30, 2009, included information on the diplomat John Cornplum, a senior German Foreign Ministry official at the time.

Blumenthal said in his letter to the German diplomat strongly suggests that Hillary is trying to develop its relationship with Merkel as much as possible.

He said at the time that Merkel hate Ocean phenomenon of Obama’s atmosphere, which contrasts with the political ideas and how to deal in general, according to the message.

Inter-American Court decided and under the Freedom of Information Act, the release of 82% of a former US Secretary of State by the end of 2015.

The former foreign minister has confirmed that in March that it used a special Breda, also through a special server, and abandoned the official mail.