Maliki Iraq wars open arena for US-Russian rivalry

Maliki Iraq wars open arena for US-Russian rivalry

Posted 25/07/2014 01:43 PM

Maliki Iraq wars open arena for US-Russian rivalryRussia sells more weapons Iraq and expressing fears that Washington would put pressure on Baghdad to cancel its order with Moscow, in referring to the rivalry between the two countries on the Iraqi market Mstvidtin conditions of instability created by the policies of the Maliki government.

And synchronization of Russia’s announcement to start supplying Iraq with helicopters and fighter jets, military and with a commander of U.S. Central Gen. Lloyd Austin at Baghdad exhibitors on the powers provided with «need to defeat terrorism», which predicts mightily to compete US-Russian on Iraq, which turned errors political leadership and the failure of his government to the field war and an open forum for regional and international conflict.

And show the Iraqi government a large turnout on the import of weapons for the restoration of its armed forces crumbling, while experts say the need of those forces, by arming, more organized and increase their efficiency, and ensure its independence from political considerations and sectarianism, where stresses are familiar with the mysteries of the Iraqi military that the appointment of its senior leaders are in accordance with the Standard party loyalty and belonging to a denomination.

And assert that the fall of the daily casualties among Iraqis tangible evidence of the incompetence of those forces and their inability to protect lives and property.

Observers doubt that corruption in transactions a factor Iqbal Iraq arms, where government officials are keen to conclude those deals to maximize their loot Finance from behind.

The agency reported the Interfax news agency that Russia began to supply Iraq with helicopters and military jets, and that while the Iraqi Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, a visit to Moscow to ask for military equipment in order to address tribal revolution, but the organization of the Islamic state creep.

. Maliki’s office said in a statement that «the Prime Minister received in his office commander of U.S. Central Gen. Lloyd Austin», indicating that «During the meeting, research the latest developments in security and military in the country».

Maliki confirmed according to the statement «Iraq’s need for more cooperation and coordination between the two sides of the Iraqi and the U.S. in the military sphere and armaments and create a system of self-sufficiency in training and development, as well as in the field of maintenance and repair mechanisms that are exposed to the bug inside Iraq», calling for «accelerate the pace of cooperation in this field ».