Legal: The Sadrist Movement Will Not Return To The Political Process

Legal: The Sadrist Movement Will Not Return To The Political Process

06/14/2022 | 7:05 PM

Legal - The Sadrist Movement Will Not Return To The Political ProcessInformation / special

The legal expert, Mohsen Al-Ugaili, confirmed, on Tuesday, that the Sadrist movement will not return to the political process, while ruling out the rerun of the elections and the dissolution of Parliament.

Al-Akaili said in an interview with the Information Agency, “The political process will proceed without the Sadrist movement in accordance with Elections Law No. 9 of 2022 and in Article 15, the fifth paragraph, the vacant seat from the same electoral district will be compensated for the resigned deputy, meaning the highest losers in the electoral district will be an alternative. about him”.

And he indicated, “It is not in the interest of the Sunni component to repeat the elections, and even the Democrat, as he won the first place in the Kurdish parliamentary seats, and therefore the government will be formed soon.”

He added, “The re-election does not guarantee that the Progress Alliance and the Kurdistan Democratic Party will obtain these seats, which they obtained in light of all these interactions and disagreements between the political forces.”

He continued, “The replacements from the electoral districts, the majority of them are members of the coordination framework, and this will make the Alliance of Progress and the Kurdish forces to go to it rushing for the purpose of forming a government.”

A member of the Victory Coalition, Aqeel Al-Rudaini, had considered in an interview with Al-Maalouma that “the withdrawal of the Sadrist bloc collectively from the House of Representatives was a surprise to the majority of the political forces,” while stressing that “the framework respects Al-Sadr’s decision and it is necessary to move forward to form the new government.” finished / 25 and