Kuwaiti Ambassador to Iraq criticizes slow in dealing with the file out of the Chapter VII

Monday, April 30 / April 2012 17:04

{Karbala: News Euphrates} Kuwaiti ambassador in Baghdad to the insured that the Prime Minister of Kuwait Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah will visit Baghdad in the last quarter of this year to follow up what has been installed in the work of the Joint Committee between the two countries.

He said the Kuwaiti ambassador to Baghdad, to the insured during a press conference held in the building of the city of Karbala, which he arrived Monday afternoon at the head of media delegation Kuwaiti “The two sides came out of the meeting in a positive spirit and agreed on a number of important points that are part of the differences, including a delineation of the common border between the two countries, which has been agreed that a delegation from the United Nations in October of next year to work on the demarcation and maintenance of border points. “

He insured that “Iraq file out of the pain of international sanctions listed in Chapter VII UN Security Council is subject to the Iraqi effort multiplier for the negotiations.”

And criticized the Kuwaiti ambassador to Baghdad, “slow the Iraqi side in dealing with this issue and resolve it,” adding “the importance of Iraq for Kuwait in terms of its location in the region and its political weight, economic and meeting.”

Regarding the visit of the Kuwaiti delegation to Karbala revealed the insured for “a planned visit by the delegation of a 60-person business Alkwytin mid-May next to discuss investment opportunities in the religious tourism in Karbala,” noting that “the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the local government in the province on investment in religious tourism.” end