Kurdistan suggests assigning Abdul Mahdi and Zebari oil law

Kurdistan suggests assigning Abdul Mahdi and Zebari oil law

Published on Monday, November 17 / November 17, 2014 17:45

Kurdistan suggests assigning Abdul Mahdi and Zebari oil lawArbil / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN ) – suggested that the Kurdistan Alliance member Azad Abu Bakr, commissioning and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari and Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, to discuss oil export mechanism from the fields of Kurdistan and the process of disposal of financial Bauaúdh to be in Doihma make adjustments on the wording of the oil law and gas .

Said Abu Bakr’s (IMN) , that “the issue of approval of oil and gas law in the House of Representatives must be preceded by a technical understandings of the jurisdiction of the Ministries of Finance and federated oil.”

He added that “the draft oil and gas law may differ from the foregoing, that took place after many negotiations and discussions concerning drafted between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.”

Agreed and the Federal Ministry of the oil with the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Federal Government on the conversion of $ 500 million to the Government of the region, while the government puts the region of 150 thousand barrels of crude oil per day at the disposal of the Federal Government. This is the first steps to rebuild confidence and resolve differences in a comprehensive, just and constitutional agreement promised.

From: Walid Khalid, the Open: Laith Mohammed Reza