Khvaya secrets sacking Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, “Shabibi”

Khvaya secrets sacking Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, “Shabibi”


Palm – raised issue of the Supreme Judicial Council arrest warrant against former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi and a number of officials, resentment and fears of some of the political blocs of a trend to restore the dominance of the executive branch to all state institutions.

The council spokesman Abdul Sattar Bayraktar said that “the authorities had issued arrest warrants for former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi and some other officials”, without giving further details.

As revealed existing Iraqi provide Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki asked to House Speaker Osama Nujaifi allowed for the prosecution Shabibi estranged from his post and a number of employees of the bank in accordance with Article 340, promised speed in taking this step interference in the work of the legislature, and affect the Iraq policy of external economic task relations with the World Bank and other economic institutions.

But sources in-council noted that “the indictment and the dismissal Shabibi issue of a pre-prepared”, pointing out that “the executive power for more than a year and a half and is trying to subject the central bank to control and make representations blatant in his work.” The sources told (UR) that “the issue is not corruption but targeting political and try to control the independent bodies and now has control of all of them and this warning scales the role of parliament and end and the beginning of initiating the state of one man and one person.”

She said “all the heads of independent bodies who refused to undergo the orders of the executive branch were subjected to a smear campaign, the president of the electoral commission Faraj al-Haidari and charged him 124 But an appeals court acquitted him because he is no longer in office and no longer a danger to anyone.” She pointed out that “the constitutional articles of 102-108 provides for the independence of the independent bodies and supervisory role of the Parliament, but the executive branch has frozen all the powers Shabibi, including the failure to its potential appointment of any employee or sack corrupt general managers and therefore he does not bear the responsibility.”

Despite government denials, the San media adviser Ali al-Moussawi and a political target and behind the sacking Shabibi, but Walid Mohammed al-Shabibi, a lawyer Shabibi also close, defended the innocence bank governor. He pointed out that “these charges were politically motivated. Vcbibi Sharif and unprofessional”, following the “government plans to replace it with another administrator takes his orders from the government.”

The senior U.S. official has met with al-Maliki and invited him to open and transparent investigation in the case of legal Shabibi, in reference to the possibility of a political target.

Furthermore, it was revealed parliamentary source important for message arrived from the UN warns of dire consequences if what has government intervention direct and indirect in the affairs of Central Bank, which is governed by its own law, which began in 2004 as reached similar messages from the U.S. Embassy and institutions of transparency calls for non-interference Government central bank action and the need to respect its own law and sovereignty at the national cash reserves.

It is worth mentioning that the central bank governor had contributed to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar from 1500 to 1180 and remained dinar conservative on its market value between 2007 until the end of 2010 in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance over the past years as characterized that period stability Iraqi dinar exchange rate and the absence of dollarization “in If a loss of confidence in the national currency is to resort to the dollar in commercial transactions “It Maadth organizations Transparency International Monetary and important accomplishment.

The Parliamentary that in the month of December last observed a significant increase in the demand for dollar sales where the end of 2010 did not exceed auction sales central for $ 200 million a day and then jumped in 2011 to a record is $ 500 million per day, which confirms the existence of laundering and smuggling money abroad, after the intensification of the siege on Syria and Iran.

The source noted that the objection submitted by the political forces in the parliament on the decision to withdraw the hand-Shabibi need experts Nkadian tasked with auditing and not investigated with the head of the central bank, which is protected by its own law and be held accountable in accordance with its law, which emphasizes the experience of the past ten years on the respect for the law and lack of faith in the rag .

Parliamentary sources believe that targeting Shabibi was originally targeting the central bank and the balance of the Iraqi people of $ 70 billion and sacked the man generally a price for standing claims of some political force in the recent government approval and many times but he was always offset .. Rejected.

Shabibi was, before assuming the post of Governor of the Central Bank, has worked for more than two decades in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Shabibi says in introducing himself on the Iraqi Central Bank he served as Chairman of the Department of Coordination and Planning, Ministry of Planning, from 10 April 1977 until December 1980. And he had previously served as Chairman of the Department of the import and marketing oil ministry from May 1975 until March 1977. And work in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) from December 1990 until October 2001. Shabibi holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Bristol, England, in 1975.