Kerry launched an unprecedented attack against Israel

Kerry launched an unprecedented attack against Israel

12/15/2015 13:33 GMT

Kerry launched an unprecedented attack against IsraelFollow-up – and babysit – launched a US Secretary of State John Kerry an unprecedented attack against the Israeli government, which said that “policy increases the risks and threats to Israel.”
Kerry criticized the Israeli government’s policy towards the conflict with the Palestinians, adding that “Israel will become a binational state with Palestinian areas, it is difficult to manage the affairs of governance.”

In the context of an interview with a US magazine Minister Kerry said, that “Israel can not simply continue to build in the West Bank, the demolition of homes of people who want to reach a peaceful settlement with them.”

Kerry asked, “Will Israel be a Jewish state or a democratic future?” Adding “it will lose its essence as a Jewish state in the event of granting the Palestinians under its rule, the freedom to vote.”

US minister added that “not taking the initiative by the government of Israel’s policy exacerbated the situation may increase, Israel and subjected to further risks and threats.”

Kerry expressed his fear of the collapse of the Palestinian Authority, saying that “it will bring more violence and chaos, especially when he finds 30 thousand Palestinian security men themselves without a job or livelihood make a living from it.”