Jawad Alshahyla opens dangerous files in the central bank deals

Jawad Alshahyla opens dangerous files in the central bank deals in the ninth studio

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 22:10

Central Bank theftBAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Jawad Alshahyla for new files include the existence of corruption and attempts to steal public money through business deals and theft of gold stocks in the Central Bank of Iraq.
Said Alshahyla within hosted in Studio nine o’clock on MBC Baghdadiya and submit colleague Anwar al-Hamdani said that “the report of gold reserves international detect a lie central bank as the Iraq sold 9.5 tons of gold before the end of last year, while confirmed former boss Shabibi he left nearly an additional 10 tons of gold in the closet of the Central Bank. ”
And continued Alshahyla “There sale of gold outside the law or that he escapes without the knowledge of the authorities, as the bank does not know the fate of 609 billion Iraqi dinars, which represents the value of the stolen gold, vowing that” central bank officials will be held accountable for their statements and will be arrested. ”
He said the “Send books Judicial Council of the Central Bank to indicate the extent of the damage with public money, but the bank did not respond as Abdul Basit Turki has not controlled the smuggling of currency due to the presence of fictitious transactions for import of Rolex watches and searches at exorbitant prices.”
And confirmed Alshahyla “banks dealing with the Central Bank and commercial attachés responsible for corruption and smuggling currency Missions where the United Arab Emirates, Oman and some neighboring countries and banks belonging to influential politicians involved in corruption, smuggling and theft of public money.” Finished / 21 h