Iraq’s Ambassador to Kuwait: Iraq on the remaining amount of the compensation to $ 9 billion

Iraq’s Ambassador to Kuwait: Iraq on the remaining amount of the compensation to $ 9 billion

Saturday, June 28, 2014 20:41

Iraqs Ambassador to Kuwait - Iraq on the remaining amount of the compensation to 9 billion dollars[Baghdad – where]

Revealed the Iraqi ambassador to Kuwait Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Ulum said about “the remaining amount on Iraq from the compensation paid to Kuwait today is about nine billion dollars of the total amount of [$ 52 billion].”

He said in a statement seen by all of Iraq [where] that “Iraq currently pays about a billion and a quarter of a billion every three months for the State of Kuwait and in this manner will be paid Iraq in 2015, the full amount, which means out of Iraq, which imposed by this decision of the provisions of Chapter VII” .

With regard to the issue of prisoners and missing Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti property, said Bahr al-Ulum said that “the UN resolution in this regard states that the Iraq work hard to return the missing and prisoners of war who lost track of them and their number approximately [605] of Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis, something which is obligatory for Iraq to look for them and the remains handed over to State of Kuwait. ”

He reported that “as a result of bilateral cooperation and positive formation of a committee between them under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross was found about 247 bodies of these prisoners, stressing that” Iraq has proven its collaboration positive great in this regard by dealing with all the information that comes to him from both inside Iraq or Kuwait or the International Committee. ”

He said that “in charge of this case is the head of the regime of Saddam Hussein and a few of those around him is limited for this scarce information about these missing indicating that the effort was great to get the real information in this file.”

He added that “Iraq was devoted to a special committee in the Ministry of Human Rights to carry out this effort and keep him out of all political files to a file being humane.”

And resolve the issue between Kuwait Airways Corporation and their Iraqi counterparts said that “the case was legal and demanded from which Kuwait Airways Corporation to compensate Iraqi institution has $ 500 million in accordance with the decision of the British court.”
and said that “this amount is paid entirely to the Kuwait Airways Corporation as a result of cooperation hard between the two countries in an interview Kuwait Airways dropped all legal claims owed ​​by Iraqi Airways, “This is one of the most important things that have helped to develop the relationship between the two countries.” ended